Moods of Babies - Every Parent's Concern About How to Overcome Baby's Mood Changes

Moods of Babies – Every Parent’s Concern About How to Overcome Baby’s Mood Changes

As mothers, we often get confused about the many changes in our baby’s mood. Many times, we don’t know how to deal with it. So, I am sharing the few basic moods of babies for you to understand what is wrong with your baby and how to handle it.

Moods of Babies

 Babies can change their mood in a fraction of a second – in one moment they are happy and busy playing, while in the other moment they start crying for no apparent reason. To understand your baby’s mood, it is important to observe the sounds and movement the baby makes.

1. Irritated Baby

Such babies can happily enjoy playing with their toys but may turn and arch away from anyone who is trying to interact with them. Remember that if your baby is hungry and tries to suck on anything he/she can find, it means he/she is hungry and irritated. Babies in such a state are not attentive and get frustrated.
How to overcome:
Check your baby’s diaper every two hours. Feed your baby until he/she is completely full. Try to put your baby to sleep on time, as excess playing can also cause irritation.

2. Drowsy Baby

Drowsy babies are not interested in what is going on around them. They breathe fast and slow and try to keep their head down and struggle to keep their head on their parent’s shoulders. Unfortunately, some babies cry or getting irritated when they are drowsy.
How to overcome: 
Try to calm your baby and make him/her sleep by playing soft music. Rest is really important for them to take a break from what they are doing.

3. Crying Baby

I’m sure all the mamas out there would know what it means when their baby is crying. Well, crying babies try to tell their parents that they are needed immediately. Sometimes, babies are so hungry that they cry and tell you. They may make a throaty noise while crying so that adults pay attention to them.

How to overcome: 

In such a state, babies feel warm and secure when you’re around them. Try to play, sit, and make funny noises to distract your baby and lift his mood.

Which state does your baby go through often? I would love to hear from you!

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