I am Not a Single Mother, I am a Soldier’s Wife

I am writing this blog as a response to all those glances that I get at airports, shopping malls, restaurants and every other public place that I visit with my little one. Seeing me struggle with my luggage and ten-month-old baby at an airport, I found one lady (she must be in her late 50s) staring at me through her glasses. I was startled but replied her with a warm smile to which she responded with a blank face. I didn’t care and got busy in calming down my tetchy child.As I joined the queue to board the flight, I found that lady right behind me. I tried to ignore her but my baby smiled at her and tried to call her (he wants to interact with everyone around him). She stared at my kid and that made me furious. I was just trying to discover reason behind her behaviour. But I think I can’t understand the complicated circuit in the minds of such people. My little one was crying so I decided to find myself a seat. The queue progressed eventually, and that woman stood behind me, not knowing that I am around her. She couldn’t hold her feelings and discussed about me and my baby with her fellow travellers – loud enough for me to hear it. I heard her say, “I think her husband had left her or maybe she left him. The poor baby is suffering.”I was distressed. I was the only one who was travelling with an infant or a kid in that flight so I didn’t take a second to understand the fact that she was referring to me. I felt like turning back to her to shut her up. I even felt like smashing her face. But I controlled and composed myself. She judged me for travelling alone with my baby and she also decided that my marriage didn’t work out.I asked myself again and again what would have made her feel that way? If I am struggling with anything in life, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a man in my life to support me. In fact, why do I need a man to fight my battles? Can’t I fight my own? Honestly, all my wrath turned into humour. I laughed and felt pity for the small brains of such people.I wanted to tell them that my husband hasn’t left me. He dropped me at the airport with a heavy heart and he was letting his wife and son go away from him to do his job. The job he does for the nation – for everyone. Oh! yes, he’s a soldier – a brave soldier, and I am the one who pumps strength in him.I am not a single mother. I am a soldier’s wife who is supposed to be strong.
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