10 Things You Should Avoid Buying for Your Newborn

10 Things You Should Avoid Buying for Your Newborn

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As new moms, we always get excited about preparing for our baby’s arrival. We want to be a hundred per cent prepared and do all the shopping in advance to ensure that when the baby arrives, we have all the essentials in place for our little one. We shop as if there is no tomorrow and with that, we end up buying a lot of stuff that we will never ever use in the baby’s lifetime.

I am the mother of a one-year-old daughter and I myself bought an exhaustive list of baby stuff which is now just lying in my bed box as junk. Below, I am listing out 10 items that you should absolutely avoid buying for your newborn.

1. Shoes – Trust me, you will not need these until your baby starts walking
2. Baby mattress/ baby cots – In India we believe in co-sleeping. These items will just eat your space
3. Bottle covers – We mostly breastfeed and, even if we formula feed, we will give the baby freshly made milk which the baby will consume immediately. Hence, I still wonder what the need for bottle covers is.
4. Bathtub – It’s dangerous to wash your fragile one in a bathtub, so buy a baby bather instead
5. Newborn clothes – they will be too small in just a week or ten days after your baby is born (considering the average baby weight in India is about 2.8 kgs). Go for one size bigger.
6. Baby toys – Babies have a knack of playing with everything except the toys we give them. Give them a box or something lying around the house and they will be just as happy.
7. Potty seat – Save the hassle of cleaning the potty seat by buying a seat cover instead.
8. Mosquito net – With our bed sizes, only the baby and the mosquito net will be sleeping on the bed. Use your routine repellants, but don’t apply anything on the baby
9. Baby diaper pants – They are convenient when your baby poops, but make the baby more prone to rashes. Buy tape diapers instead
10. Baby walker – These are not recommended by doctors anymore. My little one started walking when she turned 11 months. and I never felt the need for a walker

I hope this helps when you shop for your newborn baby, as you will be well aware of which items to avoid and save a buck.

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