Quarantine Coping Skills During the COVID-19 Outbreak. Let's Do It!

Quarantine Coping Skills During the COVID-19 Outbreak. Let’s Do It!

These are confusing and stressful times for all of us, impacting each person in different ways.
Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are completely normal during times like this.
Adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, may arise or existing mental health conditions may worsen. Severe anxiety may also cause an increase in the use of substances. Individuals with mental illness who have recovered may show relapse as their stress increases.
Mental strength can help you to be productive. So let’s get going! Let’s beat the virus with our strong will and determination. Here are a few quarantine coping skills I am sharing.
1. Embrace uncertainty. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, as numbing them will only increase your stress.
2. Adopt a relaxation practice if you feel too anxious.
3. Be as active as possible. Keep putting your mind and energy into some constructive activity at home.
4. Pick up a long-neglected hobby.
5. Learn something new.
6. Spend time doing gardening. It is very therapeutic.
7. Ease up on worrying, and disconnect from the news that’s troubling you.
8. Challenge your anxious thoughts. Develop a more balanced way to appraise it.
9. Take care of yourself. Don’t panic. Be hopeful.
10. Reach out for professional help if you feel too overwhelmed.
11. Talk to your family members. Sharing your thoughts can help.
12. Don’t smoke, or use drugs to deal with the crisis.
13. Remember to listen to your children, speak kindly, and reassure them.
14. Make opportunities for the children to relax and play.
15. Convey clear facts to children. Keep them close to family and avoid separating them.
16. Try some relaxation exercises at home.
17. Help around and divide house responsibilities. Keep your mind busy. Don’t be a couch potato.
18. Keep smiling and try lifting the spirits of others too.
19. Respect the old, and take care of their needs.
20. Stay strong, as it’s not that difficult!

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