How Not to Self-doubt and Be a Confident Mother?

Here, I share my experience, thoughts, and psychological approach to the way I look at motherhood! I have friends who are new mothers! After a deep conversation with them, an in-depth reading on motherhood psychology, and my very own experience on motherhood, I bring you my story of the journey.  

When I became a new mother, I had a lot of self-doubts. However, I was blessed to have physical and mental support from friends and family, as you would need someone to go to! It would help if you had support to speak it all out, to let your frustrations go. You need to take breaks, go out, talk with your near and dear ones, and have your ‘me’ time.

Are you a mother who wants a break, or are you one who can hold your baby for the entire day? Are you a mom who gets irritated or who keeps cool? Are you a mom who often feels guilty or one who is always supported? Are you a mom who is always exhausted or always energized? Do you worry about not being a good mom or believe that you are doing good as a mother? It is important to know that you are doing a wonderful job as a mother in either case. Nobody can understand and raise your kid better than you. You just need to trust in yourself as the magic is in self-believing.

You can also explore your passion and hobbies to divert your mind. You can learn new things that will also teach your children the ways of life besides engaging you in some fun activities. As you see your child grow and learn with you, it is sure to eliminate your self-doubt and fill you with renewed confidence and self-worth.

As new mothers, it is important you support each other, educate one another, and boost each others’ spirits.

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