Care for Your Baby Like the Creator Cares for All Beings

The Creator, or God as many refer to Him, cares for each one of us very, very patiently.  He knows all the ways; He can do activities much faster than we can. For Him, everything can be done simply in the snap of a finger. Still, He chooses to wait patiently. He waits for us to learn things at our own pace. Similarly, our babies need to learn things on their own at their own pace. We, as adults, can do things swiftly, be it feeding them, playing with them, or simply holding an object. We just want to get things done, like a to-do list – tick, tick, tick.  We should understand that if we do things for them –
1) They would never derive satisfaction from it;
2) They would learn to be dependent on us, and
3) They would give up too easily.
As a result, in the long run, they may turn out to be a dissatisfied and depressed person. After all, what is more important? Our to-do list now or our child’s character development in the long run? Life is a bed of roses, but with thorns as a by-product. We need to teach them to remove the thorns on their own at a very early age. Early age impressions last a lifetime. So, how do we do it? Simply let them observe you. You need not instruct them on anything unless necessary. Let them observe and then take the back seat and change the role. Now you become the observer. Children learn very quickly and you will be amazed to see how your little one has grasped each and every move of yours according to his capacity. Research has shown that a child, until the age of 7, is taking in maximum knowledge simply by observing. That is all he does. Only observes and learns. He doesn’t learn by instruction but by observation.

Yes, there are times when we need to take action because something may be dangerous for our child. We need to say no, we need to stop him from eating wrong, or going on a dangerous path. We need to go against our child’s will and take certain measures. There’s no need to feel any guilt because that’s what the Creator does. He too brings certain situations in our life that we do not like but it’s simply so that we can grow to be a better person. But this strict behaviour can be limited to only dangerous times, which are not very often. And you will know what to do when. Trust yourself!

The gist is – take lessons from the Creator to care for your baby! Baby care is a gift given by God to all mothers. All we need to do is to tune in to that inner voice. It’s an inner intuition that tells us what is right for our child 🙂

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