It's Okay Mom. You’re Doing Just Fine!

It’s Okay Mom. You’re Doing Just Fine!

Everything has changed, and yet, I am more ME than I have ever been.It’s certainly tough but all its making me is stronger every day. All the moms who are reading this will gladly agree. When I say, “all the moms”, I mean the new ones, the ones who just celebrated their kid’s first birthdays, moms who are now new mothers-in-law and also the moms who are now grandmas.

Every day is a new challenge. You win a challenge today, and the moment you exhale the breath of satisfaction, the next one stands in your face. But as we always say, “Who needs a superhero when we have a mom?” Ever wondered why we say this? Motherhood explains it all. I never thought I would sustain 36 sleepless nights in a row (and yes, I know there are many more to come. Those sneezes which sound cute to others but give a mini heart attack to the new mom who worries whether her little one has caught cold. When you desperately wait for that burping sound for hours because you want your baby to stay comfy even if every single bone and muscle in your body hurts. When you continuously remind the massage lady to lower the pressure because you can’t watch your baby’s skin go red. When your little one’s pee and poop count is a very significant number to you. When you eat not because you want to but have to for your baby and how your heart aches every time the little one cries.

Believe me- it really takes a superhero to face these challenges because whenever you feel that you have lost the battle and you feel like running away, that soft chubby hand holds your finger and says- “It’s okay mom. You’re doing just fine!”

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