The Unknown Side Effects of Sweet and Snack Cravings

The Unknown Side Effects of Sweet and Snack Cravings

Most moms experience an intense sweet/snack craving in the initial months post-delivery. Without proper guidance, recovering from the delivery pain (be it normal or cesarean) and trying to fit themselves into the motherhood phase often feels like a fish out of water. As a mum begins her breastfeeding journey, she will be flooded with advice on what to eat and how much to eat. 

A few examples: 

  • To satisfy your baby’s hunger, you should secrete more milk, and obviously, you should drink more milk.  
  • You should eat for two people now; hence, you must double your intake. 
  • Eat fatty foods so you can produce thick milk, and your baby will feel full.

Though the advice mentioned above seems logical, they serve nothing but only increase the risk of weight gain. You don’t need to drink litres of milk or eat much to produce breastmilk. A little bit extra is all that’s needed for your body.  

In addition, a new mom is sleep-deprived, feeding and handling her baby. Studies and research indicate that it is common for people to have immense sweet and snack cravings (high-calorie foods) during the sleep deprivation phase. No wonder new mums crave a lot of junk foods during the initial months of delivery, and it is often mistaken as a normal hunger-induced because of breast milk production. 

Consequently, their weight increases tremendously before they realise they no longer fit in their old dresses. The weight gain stress pops up, thereby destroying their confidence level. 

Dear mothers and moms-to-be, please be aware of your sweet/snack craving. Do not let your hormones play a reverse effect on you. Satisfy your sweet craving with healthy options – sweets made of palm sugar/jaggery, dry grapes, etc. Munch on nuts instead of chips and nuggets. A conscious initiative can save you from weight gain and depression. 

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