New Mom in Town!

As I took the first sip of my morning tea, still sitting on my comfy couch on a lazy Sunday morning, I just realised how much life has changed. Changed from being just a fauji’s wife to now being a mother. Suddenly a flashback of memories of the past one year since my little bundle of joy came in our lives, resurfaced. I realised that life is full of surprises and memories to cherish. From planning everything meticulously to going crazy running around the baby whole day, life takes a full swing. And the funny part is we massage our lil’ ones to make them active and energetic and all they do is with this newly acquired superpower is that they eat up all your energy and make you wonder how did our moms manage or in fact how did our grannies manage with so many kids in those days?
Things do change when you have a baby and these changes are for good. Believe me. From becoming more compassionate towards everything around you to even becoming possessive at times, you change. After living in the mountains all alone with my hubby as our previous posting was there, I thought I became fearless, but now after raising a baby for a year, I feel scared again. Scared for his wellbeing, growing up and most of all from him getting hurt by falling every time as the tiny toddler has just started to take those little steps to walk. No more do I rely on clocks and watches as it’s my baby who sets my schedule. Gone are those days of eating a meal sumptuously to taking a shower luxuriously, coupled with heavy eyelids due to waking up at odd hours to make him sleep. From feeding him, to collecting his stuff and toys, to reaching late everywhere, I have finally learnt to add another 60 minutes to my ‘go time’ for the central lectures, welfare or the parties. Huge adjustments. Hehe!
But for all ‘soon to be moms’, these adjustments shouldn’t intimidate you because they have made me better. The biggest change to feel is to love my parents in a new way and to learn to respect your own body because there is now someone who you feed. A woman is a wonderful creation by almighty that she is blessed to give birth to a new life. It’s a feeling beyond words when you give birth to a child. A day adds up in the year when people congratulate you on your baby’s birthday other than your own birthday & anniversary. Party freak people like me actually get one more day of celebration in their lives. I fondly remember the day when I walked out of the doctor’s clinic after hearing those words that I am going to be a mother. Following nine months went off with hyped emotions, in reading books, to watching spiritual videos and to listen to songs. Then the day arrived when I felt his first touch. You feel like dancing, crying, and celebrating. Yes, the moment a new life is born a mother is also born. Sleepless nights follows but all that tiredness disappears with his one smile and hug. Even after lots of emotions, I always get up with positive thoughts in my mind to make it a perfect day because engineers like challenges. Doesn’t matter if these toddlers can’t speak our language or in fact, we fail to comprehend what they say but it’s their touch and their eyes which says it all.
Life always startles you! I was living in my own world, everything revolving around my family & friends. Getting married, to becoming a mom it’s a different level. Earlier, my topic of discussions with elders used to be about my career. Now I meet people asking about baby’s tips. Being a mommy is awesome, fulfilling and fun, very much so, but honestly, it is demanding and challenging as well. Today when I fail to finish my daily tasks in my ‘to-do list’, I hold myself responsible. But as they say “there is beauty in imperfection”. So just don’t push yourself too hard to be perfect but in fact enjoy every moment which life brings. Enjoy every phase of life in which you are. Be it ‘happily single’ or ‘happily married’ or ‘happily being a mom’.
“Hey, where are you lost in thoughts with this empty cup in your hand?” asked my fauji as he tapped me on shoulder waking me up from a slumber.
“Ahh..nothing just a little tired in making him sleep.”
And that’s my journey as a new mom. A big salute to all the moms !

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