BabyHug 2-In-1 Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush Review

BabyHug 2 In 1 Bottle & Nipple Cleaning Brush Review

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As we are in the middle of a pandemic, it is important to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, especially when it comes to our kids and their feeding essentials. Maintaining hygiene by keeping feeding bottles clean and sterilising them is very important, as if the baby’s feeding bottles are not cleaned or sterilised properly, it might lead to infection. I was looking for a bottle cleaning brush which is soft and thick, and I wanted a bottle cleaner with the nipple brush attached.
I found this 2 in 1 Babyhug cleaning brush which is very helpful and easy to use. We can clean most bottles of different sizes with this brush due to its design. I also liked the rubber grip to lock the brush onto any surface or wall near the sink and clean the bottle easily with one hand. The nipple cleaning brush is soft and has the same cleaning procedure. The brush dries easily and is easy to store once locked onto the surface.
The Babyhug cleaning brush is soft and thick, and the locking mechanism makes cleaning bottles super easy. The rubber grip at the bottom is a good feature, and the overall quality of the brush is good. The sponge at the tip of the brush is soft and thick. Special mention goes to the bristles, which are of high quality, as even after washing, they do not fall off or shed. The handle is flexible and because of that, it is easy to clean and bend and twist. Also, after washing, we can stick this brush up right down or sidewise onto any surface, so that the water will drip down and the brush dries easily. The rubber holder on the bottom ensures that the bristles don’t touch any surface while drying, ensuring they remain clean. It could have been a little longer, as this won’t reach to the bottom of very long feeding/ water bottles.
Overall, the 2 in 1 bottle and cleaning brush from Babyhug is a great product that is easy to use and helps keep a baby’s feeding essentials clean and sterilised.

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