When a Working Professional Becomes a Full-time Housewife for Her Baby!

When a Working Professional Becomes a Full-time Housewife for Her Baby!

“Oh so you left your job, when are you planning to join again “…”hey, is it easy for you not to go outside for the entire day now”…..”Kitna bhi padhai kar lo..job kar lo…aakhir ghar ka kaam to ladkiyon ko karna hi padta hai “….and many more such expert comments that I had to bear every other day when I left my IT job.

I always had been a girl who believed in hard work and independence. So, after marriage also I continued my job. It began to be tough when I became a mother for the first time. Still, I tried to make a balance between office time and family time. Sometimes, my husband used to work from home. However, when our baby grew 1.5 years old, it became just impossible for me to leave her all alone with an ‘aaya’ at home. She used to cry a lot, and I felt that my daughter needs me.

Many parents easily leave their children in a daycare or with an aaya at home and continue their job which is also fine if you and your kid finds it comfortable and convenient. At the same time, some men want their wives to be at home to take care of their child and force them to leave the job. But in my case, I couldn’t handle the guilt of leaving my child alone, so I decided to quit the job.

Of course, it is a very tough decision as your entire life is going to change after that. Now the struggle of a working mother ended, but a new one started.

Once you become a housewife, you will have to answer every second person if you are happy with this new role or not. The respect which your relatives had for you suddenly vanishes !! Yes, you become more honourable when you continue the job even after you have a baby. But no one cares about the sacrifice that you made while leaving your flourishing career for the baby. Now they expect you to become a perfect housewife in no time, who always cooks good food, keeps the house tidy, keeps her relatives happy, assists in the kitchen everywhere you are being invited, and what not. Everyone forgets about the baby and often they say – ” Bacche to pal hi jaate hain..”.

Every woman has her dreams. We also go through the same exams, same graduation, same hard work that a man goes through. We also want to earn name and fame. But when it comes to our family, we are ready to sacrifice anything. This is what makes a woman different. But I fail to understand the fact why people take the housewives for granted, why she has to justify that she was busy the whole day.

Once your kids grow up, you can always start looking for a job. I believe that taking a break to see your kids crawling, babbling, eating, smiling, crying in front of your eyes is just worth it. Let the world feel the way it wants and let’s enjoy the biggest boon of womanhood that is motherhood.

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