The Postpartum Confusion – The Journey After the Birth of Your Baby

The Postpartum Confusion - the Journey After the Birth of Your Baby

With all the roller-coasters to face during pregnancy, with all the eagerness of waiting for your baby to be born, with all the anxiety of your baby’s health during pregnancy, your pregnancy journey ends with your baby’s birth. The whole time during pregnancy we keep on imagining the activities we will do after our baby is born, how our baby will look, how she will react and how we’ll always have a bond.

But reality strikes after you deliver your baby. During the breastfeeding journey, you are constantly on a go-to feed mode and you feel as if you have only one work, that is breastfeeding. You feel like you are not getting time for yourself, for your husband, for the both of you. And above all that, the night awakenings! You crave to hang out and for meet-ups but your body is also tired.

This is the story of every new mother out there. In this confusion, we forget to be happy with the tiny, special moments with our child. That first smile, the first time eye-contact is made, that smile during sleep; we forget that these moments we will never be able to enjoy again. The first 3 months are the most crucial months and the baby’s demands are high, and we are already tired from the days of our pregnancy which also results in postpartum confusion of what to do and what not to! For example, we treat breastfeeding as a task rather than being happy that we are providing nutrition to our child.

Postpartum confusion like this leads to postpartum depression with so many things going on and you not being able to think positively.

What is most important is to stop the confusion right there by managing your thoughts, reducing your thoughts, focusing only on your child’s health and becoming happy on seeing your baby who is a part of you. Every new mom faces postpartum anxiety which can only be reduced by loving your baby, feeding on demand with a positive attitude. Stay positive through every night awakening, backache, and other struggles which will all stay for 3 months. As the baby grows, he/she will start learning various things which will make you happy and you will regret feeling so anxious during those 3 months.

So staying happy, positive, patient and loving your child every second will make your postpartum journey beautiful.

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