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How to Raise a Responsible Little Citizen

The joy of bringing a new life into this world is one of the most amazing feelings. I became a mother in 2017, a year I fondly remember and always will. Motherhood to me felt like a rebirth with an overwhelming sense of shaping a life.

We are living in times of intense competition and complex relationships. My endeavour is to give the right values to my daughter and lead by example. Little ones seem little but their brain is growing leaps and bounds at an astounding rate. Whatever they see is quickly absorbed by them and they try to ape it. There is no right and wrong kind of parenting, every kid and every parent have a different way of perceiving this journey.

Here are a few points you can keep in mind while being around the little one so that you set a good example:
1) Be respectful, they learn from how you treat people and that’s the way they will be dealing with people around them.
2) Mind your language, if you or a family member or staff is using foul language, the kid is bound to pick it up and start using it. Saying no to the kid that “don’t speak this way” will not help.
3) Problem-solving attitude, kids and their innocent acts can sometimes turn out to be a disaster for elders. Be patient and try to speak up in simple words about how to resolve the problem.
4) Invest in books with pleasant pictures and stories. This can be one of the best gifts you can give your child, they love stories and especially the ones told by mommy.
5) I’m a believer of no screen time, so I minimise the use of cell phone or any other sort of screen in front of my daughter. There are infinite options available today which are far better to engage a child than passive screen time.
6) Keep repeating things like we don’t waste water, I remind this to my daughter daily whole bathing her. Teaching about love for nature and our responsibility towards it can help us raise responsible citizens.
7) Eating habits are a critical part of child growth, if the kid sees that the parents eat healthy food, he or she is more likely to develop good food habits.

All the efforts you make now for the baby will be of tremendous value lifelong. Let’s get to raising a happy and well behaved next generation.

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