Raising the Need to Learn Parenting and Understanding Attachment Parenting

raising the need to learn parenting and understanding attachment parenting

The term ‘parenting’ turned out to be a complex term when the advice on parenting came from all corners. From uncles and aunties in my friends’ circle to the ones in our neighbourhood, or for that matter, the unknown faces I met in the park – literally everyone has parenting advice! So I was loaded with tons of advice and at a point, I questioned if I could be a good parent. Then I flushed out all the free advice and began to hear my inner sense.

Raised by a stay-at-home parent and being a single child, I am lucky to have gotten the best attachment with my parents through their love, restrictions, and life lessons. I was sure to do intensive mothering and nurture my baby with the same attachment that I still have.

I risked my career, quit my job, and chose Dev as a priority as I know I can give the best only when he is the only person of concern to me. I could restart my career in the future (not as easy as it sounds though), but it is in the initial days of Dev that we both needed to bond, and if lost, I can never dream of my baby being unattached with me.

Here are few things I have been following as a part of attachment parenting:

  1. Birth Bonding – Parthu and I sang songs as we walked in the evenings, my mom narrated my childhood stories, and my dad shared every happening around us. This way, I had my baby bonding well with me and my family.
  1. Breastfeeding – I am exclusively breastfeeding, and there is no moment when I had felt exhausted about it. I am there for Dev whenever he demands, be it 2 am or even when it requires a whole sleepless night. I had bad days too when my supply ran low, yet I didn’t give up.
  1. Babywearing – Keeping Dev close to me whenever possible is making both of us more attached.
  1. Bedding Close to the Baby – Co-sleeping has reduced my anxiety and I believe Dev feels safe in my arms rather than being in a crib.
  1. Belief in the Language Value of the Baby’s Cry – I respond sensitively to learn the reason for his crying, as I know he is trying to communicate his needs.
  1. Beware of Baby Trainers – I don’t believe in scheduling Dev’s activities and let him decide in his own way for I can’t decide when he should be hungry or when he should be playing.
  1. Balance – Happy mom = happy child.

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