Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Tips to Make Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

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Each baby is different. But there are a few things, we as parents can do to make our baby happy and sleep through the night. This post is specially dedicated to all the new parents who are struggling with their newly changed lives. I am a mother of a four-month-old baby and I know what it feels to wake up through the night when the baby just won’t sleep.

I hope these tips prove to be helpful. To make your baby sleep through the night, here are three basic things you can do:

  1. Make sure your baby is not too cold or hot. In winters, dress your baby in layers according to the severity of the cold. But remember, she should not be overdressed or too hot. If it’s a very hot summer, adjust the room temperature accordingly. Make sure the blanket is warm enough for winters and in summers too, if you use air conditioning.
  1. Use good quality disposable diapers for the night. As they say, a dry baby is a happy baby. Always powder before diapering. The diaper should be soft enough for your delicate baby. Always look for any rash/redness in the area when using a new brand. There are many good diaper rash creams available in the market.
  1. Now this one is a personal choice, but its the most important one. If the baby is breastfed, give her top feed/formula milk at night. I believe, it goes a long way in making the baby sleep longer, as it makes her full and satisfied. I am not saying breast milk is not satisfying, but formula milk makes a baby full for a longer time. I exclusively breastfeed my baby, but give him top feed at night as directed by my paediatrician. If you are concerned about the health benefits of formula milk, you may consult your doctor and proceed accordingly.

Following these three points, has helped me tremendously in making my baby sleep for long hours in the night. But remember, babies will wake up in the night sometimes, no matter what you do. The reasons could be many. For example, if they are going through growth spurts, or if they are not well, etc. If it’s the cold season, place a heater near your feeding area, and switch it on, when your precious baby wakes up. It’s the little things that make a big impact on our mood and our health. After all, a happy mother makes a happy baby.

So, all the new mommies out there, take care of yourself first, and just breathe and remember- This phase will pass!

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