Newborn Baby Skincare Routine for the Summer Season

newborn baby skincare routine for the summer season

Taking care of a newborn’s skin is quite challenging for a new mom, especially in the summers. But, it can be simple if a routine is established and implemented.

Following are the steps to be followed by new moms to take care of your baby’s delicate skin:

1. Oil Massage

You can use a baby oil or coconut oil to massage the baby’s body for 10-15 minutes, and leave it on for 30 minutes before giving them a bath. It’s best if parents do this from the very first day. It also helps enhance bonding with your little one. Gently massage your baby in the upwards direction, all over the body, and also do some stretches and exercise for your baby.

2. Bath

Bathe your baby with warm water, and use mild baby soap or body wash. One can also use oatmeal paste before using soap – apply it and leave it on your baby for 5 minutes before applying the soap. It is not necessary to give your baby a head bath daily; 2-3 times a week is enough. It is necessary to bathe your baby 2 times a day in the summer season because it is very hot. Washing the baby’s face can also be included separately.

3. Moisturisation

After a warm bath, pat your baby’s body dry with a soft towel and moisturise the baby’s body with a baby lotion. One can avoid applying powder to the baby if they have dry skin. It is better to use a separate baby face cream and a separate baby body lotion. If a baby has complications like eczema, then one can opt for an odourless lotion.

4. Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen if you are stepping out with your baby. In summers, it is better to dress your baby in an outfit that has an attached cap.

5. Lip Balm

Use a lip balm if your baby’s lips tend to dry out quick. Lip balm can be used twice or thrice a day after feeding, also so that the baby’s lips can be protected from turning dark.

These steps ensure that your baby’s skin is protected and well-maintained in the summers.

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