Two Little Steps for a Newborn by a Breastfeeding New Mom

Two Little Steps for a Newborn by a Breastfeeding New Mom

Whether your little bundle of joy has already arrived or you are still waiting for the D’ day, I am sure you are already enjoying the roller coaster ride! Motherhood is not all about happiness and joy. It comes with many new challenges and we need to learn so many things that we never imagined before.

Breastfeeding is one amongst them. Easy as it seems, only a mum who has started living this phase, can relate that it comes with many surprises. Correct latching, baby holding positions, tickling and painful sensations are all a part of this.

The most common thing which new mums are facing these days is lack of breast milk supply.

Many new moms complaint about less breast milk supply during the first few days after delivery and they eventually end up giving formula feed to their baby. There can be various reasons due to which your body is not producing enough breast milk. Most common ones are medical conditions, stress levels and diet patterns.

I would like to share two useful tips related to breast milk supply during those first few days after your little one has arrived. With little effort, you can train your mind and body to start producing breast milk for your newborn. Yes, that’s possible!

If you wish to breastfeed your baby and your body is not able to make enough milk, you can do the following.

  1. Express regularly –

If you regularly express milk, your body will get the signal that more milk is required and it starts producing more milk for your baby. (You can use breast pumps or you can express milk by hands, both ways are helpful)

It is important to express milk at least twice daily so that you can even store your breast milk for further use. Moreover, it stimulates regular breast milk supply for your little one.

2. Baby Contact –

This is the most important step to signal your body to produce breast milk. Bring your baby close to your breasts and let them suck your nipples even if there is no or little breast milk available for them. When the saliva of your baby touches your breasts, the brain releases milk-producing hormones in the body and eventually regular milk supply starts in your body.

You may already know that skin contact between a child and the parent (especially the mother’s touch) is really soothing for the baby. Yes, it makes them calm and secure.

In some cases, it may take time to work, but these two methods will definitely help the new moms who are struggling to breastfeed their babies in their initial days. So keep at it until you get better results! This can definitely add if not replace the medications or any other treatment you might be taking to improve your breast milk supply.

Share this information with maximum new moms and to-be moms in strong favour of breastfeeding. Also, discuss your own experience and how these methods helped you!

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