Motherhood or a Solitary Life - Everything Has a Cost!

Motherhood or a Solitary Life – Everything Has a Cost!

When born, a princess is introduced to this world like a fairy tale, but only if not born in a family of the so-called underprivileged people. The world is competitive, and so is our kids’ upbringing, whether a boy or a girl. The parents shower them with all the goodness of their life more than their own worth. A girl also grows up aspiring and living her own dreams, life, ambitions, career, and rules of living life. But the word ‘Motherhood’ is that beautiful word in a girl’s life which moulds her completely!

The word “Mother” in itself encompasses the feeling of warmth, love and care, but like any other good thing, it too comes with its own cost. In the journey of becoming a mother, certain changes are expected – like a new baby, physical changes, responsibilities, etc. But one may not anticipate all the ways that motherhood changes you from within; your own inner-self! Being a ‘mother’ is an exhilarating experience, and children bring a new meaning to every moment of your life and depth to your experience as a human being. As a ‘parent’, your life has a revolutionary change. Not only your daily life, but it also alters your very identity as a person! Your life is no more your own. The happiness of giving it all to your little bundle of joy energises you to keep doing it day and night. But at times, you feel like running away from everything. Sometimes you really want to reanimate your earlier days. But the ‘motherhood’ word is so deep that even a smile on your baby’s face makes you forget everything. You want to play with him, feed him, see him grow, and wake up all night to watch him sleep, and maybe you feel proud realising the worth of being a mother, a creator of another life on this Earth!

Motherhood becomes like an invisible job. You keep grappling the entire day, but when you count, you are actually not able to sum it up! All this causes a huge emotional fluctuation, and many times a woman cannot balance herself due to both physical and mental changes. But no one understands that this is indeed a huge change in her life. After becoming a mother, we realise that we not only held a new baby, we owned a new identity! I read somewhere, “Marriage was a minor blip but having a child was something different.” People look at her as just a mother. Now the ambitions of a woman, her dreams, her style of living, her choices, everything needs to go in sync with her child. Forgetting those lazy weekends, those only ‘me’ outings, reading, writing, anything you want to or like to, you need to create a balance with your child’s preferences.

Being called a “dad” makes you feel proud, and yes, you should feel so. But for all this, you need to respect the ‘mother’ of your child, love her the most and support her in all the ways during this important transition. When a child is born, a mother also gives birth to various relationships and make the entire family feel privileged. But in most cases, it is only the mum who bears all the responsibility, puts in her best efforts and sacrifices everything for her child’s upbringing! Keep loving her and go ahead to at-least calm her during these emotional fluctuations!

So, “motherhood” even at a cost, makes you feel privileged that the God above has chosen you as a creator on Earth. It makes you understand the real meaning of two words, ‘love’ and ‘care’. Let her not realise that her solitary life has come to an end, but together we can discover the new dimensions of this beautiful feeling of parenthood instead of just motherhood!

Being a mother of a one-year-old child now, I could sail in the same boat as my mother and feel how much she loved, cared and sacrificed to bring us here! Kudos to all the mothers of this world!

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