Tips to Sooth Your Crying Newborn

It is very common for newborn babies to cry constantly and without any reason. A crying baby can be a cause of huge stress for new parents. Parents are often left confused when their bundle of joy cries constantly. However, it is not so tough to soothe a crying baby. I would like to share a few tips that helped me calm my newborn.

Remember Everything is new for a newborn: As soon as the baby is born, a parent must understand that everything is new for the child. It’s hard for the baby to adjust with the bright daylight or night. It’s even harder for it to accept the cold or the heat. The baby misses the womb. So the best thing is to give the baby some time to adjust with the surrounding.

Calm the Baby in Mother’s lap: While in the womb, the baby gets acclimatized to the rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat, and mother’s smell. Thus after birth when the baby cries, it can be easily calmed in the mother’s lap. Keeping the baby’s ear pressed lightly on to the chest can comfort the baby. The smell of the mother and the sound of heartbeat can make the baby feel comfortable. The father’s voice can also help in pacifying the fussy baby.

Remember Well-fed Baby is Happy: More often than not babies cry out of hunger. There is a common myth that if the baby’s hands are fisted then it is hungry. However, it is difficult to know it this way as generally newborn babies always keep their hands closed. The motherly instinct works best in this, as the mother knows how much to feed the baby. It is a good idea to offer the breast to the baby when it cries. For formula-fed babies, it is generally advised to feed once every two hours or as advised by the paediatrician.

Burp Your Baby After Each Feed: Burping a newborn after every feed is essential. Holding the baby straight on your shoulder and light patting or upward stroke on the back helps the baby to burp and thus relieve the baby of unwanted air or gas.

Swaddle Your Baby: This works wonder to soothe a crying baby. Swaddle towels are a must-buy for parents-to-be. Learn to swaddle your baby the right way. The baby should feel insecure out of the womb during the first few days of its life. Swaddling a crying baby can make them feel that they are in the womb. This may soothe the crying baby almost immediately.

Use White noise: Use white noise sound to calm your baby. Often babies cry due to colic. White noise works great with colicky babies as well. And while your little piece of moon sleeps to the sound of white noise, you too can let the magic of white noise work on you.

Sing a Lullaby: Babies love to hear their parents’ voice.  If your baby is crying, simply sing a soft lullaby to the baby to calm him in no time.

Ensure Your Baby Gets Enough Sleep: Apart from hunger or colic, babies also cry when they are sleepy. A newborn should sleep for 14 to 20 hours. So it is wise to make the baby sleep as often as you can. However, some babies are so active that they would not sleep easily. In that case, it is better to spend some activity time with your active newborn. For newborns, activity means throwing limbs or rolling which can help them fall asleep.

Massage: A newborn grows very fast in their initial days. They also feel the pain which makes them cry. Massage with oil or cream can help them relax their muscle and also helps in good blood circulation that boost up the sleep of baby and keep it from crying.

Diapering: A newborn pees frequently and it can get nearly impossible for the parents to change his clothes and mat often. Peeing also causes sleep distraction in babies, and they end up crying. A diaper comes as a saviour at this time. Making your baby wear a diaper will ensure that your baby gets uninterrupted sleep. And a well-slept baby is a happy baby.

Stay Happy: It is very true that the mommy’s mood can impact the baby’s mood too. If the mommy is anxious or depressed, which is very common during the postpartum period, the baby can become fussy. On the other hand, if the mommy remains happy and cheerful, the child also is happy too. So the best way to keep the baby from crying is to stay happy.

These tips can calm the crying baby. However, generally, babies learn to cope with the outside environment within 40 days time. Thus the best part for new parents is that after a month or so the crying of babies will eventually give way to cooing and giggles.

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