A Baby On Your Mind? All You Need Is to Be Happy!

This is a question that can either press the panic button for some, while for others it could be something for which they’ve been waiting a very long time. As a woman myself, I feel that our minds are complex, and we can not only multitask, but we can also ‘multi-think’. We can go from “What do I prepare for dinner?” to “Do I have matching nail polish to go with my dress for the party next weekend?” to ” I hope to be the best mom for my kids.” That is the speed with which our thoughts travel in different directions. And when it comes to planning a family, our minds run even faster than this. At least, that is what I have been experiencing since the time I decided to plan a family.

There are many questions that haunt your mind’s space while you decide to plan a family. These questions could revolve around being at the right age, which doctor to consult, should you take multi-vitamins, will you gain a lot of weight, will you be able to take the responsibilities of motherhood, and the most important question, if are you ready.

From all of the questions mentioned above, I would like to pick on the last one and say that whenever you find asking yourself if you are ready or not , just close your eyes and listen to your heart. You are born as a woman, with the beautiful blessing of bearing children, and you will bear them in your own right time. Don’t be pressurised by society or guilt for choosing not to have a child at a particular time or to have one when you decide the time is right.
Let nothing rush you into any decision. I say this because when you listen to your heart, you will get a clear answer – Yes or No, along with a definite reason – and all other questions will be answered automatically. It is most important to be happy more than anything else while planning your baby.

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