Post-partum Health - the Do's and Dont's

Post-partum Health – the Do’s and Dont’s

The postpartum health of a mother is vital in terms of physical as well as mental health. Often mothers take a lot of care before delivery, but after giving birth, everything changes. The entire focus shifts to the baby, and the family also concentrates more on the health of the baby in comparison to the mother’s health. As the female gives birth, everything changes. From the bodily structure, the resources of the mother, to the mental abilities.

A new mother can take few simple steps for her better well-being. In terms of physical health, the steps one can take are:

  1. EATING RIGHT: New mothers should concentrate on eating more fruits. Nuts and seeds mix can be your best friend. These days so many trail mixes are available on online websites. They can be munched whenever you feel hungry. For midnight snacking, one can have roasted fox nuts which another source of calcium and boosts lactation. (Just microwave for a minute and it is ready to eat).
  2. HYDRATION: Drinking a lot of fluids is mandatory. 8-10 glasses are required as breastfeeding the child takes mostly water. Coconut water is also beneficial; It is nourishing for the body as well as hair & nails. For odd times, iced tea can also be considered. Mornings can be done right with green tea with honey. It has antioxidants that boost the digestive system.
  3.  SLEEPING PATTERN: The new parents can sleep turn by turn for the first few months till the parents get used to the baby’s schedule. Also, try to sleep while the baby is sleeping leaving all the distractions behind, like binge-watching shows. As the female body has gone through so much while giving birth, rest is the key to getting back on track quickly.
  4.  TAKING CARE OF HAIR: Since the body is high on pregnancy hormones, the first 1-2 months post-delivery goes normal. Slowly the hormones goes back to normal which results in significant hairfall for most of the women. But this can be taken care of quickly through regular oil massage with virgin coconut oil or onion oil. One can also put fenugreek seeds in the oil for better results. Curd, green tea, coffee beans are also beneficial ingredients present in your kitchen that can help a lot. Additionally, using very minimal or no chemicals is advisable till hairfall stops.
  5.  SELF CARE: New mothers don’t get so much time for self-care, but it is required. One should atleast take a bath every day and wear fresh & comfy clothes. All these steps help in maintaining health and hygiene. Additionally it gives personal satisfaction and immense pleasure.                            

For mental health, one should few precautions like the following:

  •  SELF TIME : The new mother should take out one hour for herself everyday to relax her mind and do whatever she wants. It is easy to say but challenging to practice. Still one should take out time because it is necessary. Most women get irritated and depressed due to a lack of time and understanding with their partners.

  • TAKE HELP: Adapt to the idea of taking help from family members. As the newborn needs constant attention, so does the new mother. By taking assistance, you become much more relaxed as it eases out the mind. 

All in all, a new mother must take care of her post-partum health!

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