Kids Can Be Anything They Want to Be - Don't Judge them!

Kids Can Be Anything They Want to Be – Don’t Judge them!

My family and I recently went to a silver jubilee occasion of one of my relatives. My son is 2.5 years old. He ran to my brother on seeing him and sat with him in the front row. Guests started greeting the couple on the dias. As soon as a wealthy, educated, old man began his speech, my son screamed at my brother for not getting what he had asked for.

The old man looked at my son and said “Hey boy! Arent your parents with you?”

To which my son said ‘ahhh’ (randomly while playing with my brother).

The old man said, “Look at this. If you raise the child like this, imagine who he will be when he grows up.”

My husband stood from his chair and said, “It is my son, and he will be like me.”

The old ignored my husband and got busy with his speech. Later, he left the dias to sit in his place.

Once the occasion was done, the old man started to walk out of the hall. On seeing him, I followed him to the parking and asked him to stop.

I said, “Hello sir! It’s my son whom you spoke about on the dias. Well, to appreciate someone, you need not judge others.” and I walked back to my family.

Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life, and it’s like lighting up a whole room of possibilities.

Take a stand for your child and never let others degrade them.

A child can be anything they want. Words are powerful. They can tear someone down; they can build someone up. And for children, speaking positively to them will nourish their mental health.

Protect your child from such dangerous educated people who always degrade others.

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