It’s Completely Your Choice to Plan Pregnancy and Motherhood

Whenever a woman plans a pregnancy, the most important requirement is, she should be both- physically and mentally ready. Mental preparation is more important than physical; I emphasise more on this because pregnancy is not just a one day task. It’s not like you blink and it’s over. It’s a journey, and it will be a beautiful one if you enjoy each and every phase of this time. It is also necessary that you understand it’s not a normal journey where you reach a destination and stop. It’s a journey which once started, will never end, and even you wouldn’t want to stop it.

On your first ultrasound when you hear the heartbeat of your baby for the first time, you won’t imagine it as a mere bunch of cells; instead, you think about a new life, a new beginning, a completely new experience which you have never felt before and you want to experience each and every moment of life. This can only be possible if you are more healthy mentally than physically. Yes for growing a healthy life inside you, physical fitness is also important. But here, I focus on mental wellness because this is the time when you will change completely inside out. There are several changes that happen in the body. Your body itself changes shape. You face vomiting, nausea, heartburn, different aches like headache, backache, leg pain, laziness, etc. In spite of all that, you can enjoy that time because you know that a little life is growing inside you. All this can be possible if you are ready from the heart to become a mother. Otherwise, you will get worried about physical appearance, and that will directly affect you and your baby too.

So ladies – Don’t pressurise yourself for any reason, plan a baby only when you are ready. This is the most important thing that you should understand while planning a baby. Other factors like finances, maturity, etc. can be managed more easily if you are mentally ready.

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