The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant Was the Best Day of My Life

The decision to have a baby was one of the toughest decisions for us, but it is the best decision we have made so far. By we, I obviously mean me and my husband. I believe It is very important to take such decisions with a clear mind and with correct reasons. We wanted to have a baby because we felt that it was the right time to bring a new life into ours. That’s it, that was the reason – no other reason. We were sure that we will now be able to give our 100% to this new phase. And it took us around 4 years to make this decision. And once we were sure, then as they say, “what we feel is what we get.”
I remember that just 2 days after trying for a baby, I felt a sort of tingling sensation in my stomach. My mum said, “It is not possible that your body could show a change of any kind related to pregnancy in just 2 days.” And yes, she was right. But it was not just my body, it was my inner self or inner voice telling me that our first effort has been successful. We took our time and since I was already convinced that I am pregnant, I decided not to visit a general physician and instead went to a gynaecologist. Since I had not missed my periods, I had to get some advanced level blood test to confirm the great news. It took 5 days and 2 tests to confirm it. I was indeed pregnant.

Now when I look back at that time, I believe that we succeeded in our first attempt for one reason. That was that we wanted to get pregnant. It is very important to realise that the intent with which you conceive is so important for the baby as well. I strongly believe that if you are bored of your life and are thinking of having a baby because of family pressure, stressed out relations, or just for the sake of having a baby, then these are not the reasons for you to have a baby.

I wanted to have a baby because I was sure that I wanted to give love, attention, and affection to a new life. I wanted a baby because I wanted to experience the joy of bringing a new life and working on nurturing and loving a new soul. Once we tried, I sat and asked the soul to choose us as parents. Since I was convinced, it came to me very naturally to convince my soul that we are going to be great parents and we are going to love him/her unconditionally.
I think that my soul and my little one’s soul connected on some level and hence I knew that I was pregnant before the tests could confirm. Having a baby turned out to be way more than that. A spiritual connect!

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