The Incredible Journey of Breastfeeding My Premature Twin Babies

The Incredible Journey of Breastfeeding My Premature Twin Babies

Breastfeeding is the best gift that nature has given to us. Breast milk not only quenches the hunger in babies but also serves as an incredible tool that celebrates and enhances love.

Breast milk is a miraculous medicine that protects and nourishes the newborn. So far, no one has invented a precise substitute for breast milk. Breast milk has some exceptional ingredients which are not lucid to replicate.

Breast milk is always the best milk.

I am a mother of twins and a firm advocator of breastfeeding. So I was naturally eager to breastfeed my twins while I was pregnant with them.

But things did not happen as I wished them to be. I had to deliver my twins pretty early, around seven months, through an emergency C-section. They were of low birth weight and needed NICU support.

I got separated from my twins immediately after the delivery. I was very much devastated. The doctor told me that my twins had not developed the ability to suck yet. Yes, I cannot breastfeed my twins directly!

More challenges were awaiting us! Due to preterm labour, my milk secretion was less. I started expressing the milk manually. It was physically and mentally tiring. My milk was not sufficient to feed the twins, and hence we had to start them on formula.

All my hopes of breastfeeding my twins were slowly shattering. For a couple of days, I felt helpless. It was my mother who came to my rescue. She kept on insisting that I cannot give up so quickly.

And then I had a moment of enlightenment. I realised that even if I cannot exclusively breastfeed my twins, I can still ensure that they get at least the same amount of breast milk as their formula intake.

I started surfing the internet on how to increase the milk supply. My mother and mother-in-law made sure to feed me with everything that will boost milk secretion.

Our twins were still in the NICU. I expressed and stored the breast milk. My hubby shuttled twice a day to dispatch the pumped milk to our little ones. We were making some progress.

Still, manual expression was not easy. I was feeling tiresome. My hubby suggested buying a breast pump. After we purchased a breast pump, expressing milk was efficient and easy.

I became more confident and was able to feed my twins alternatively breast milk and formula.

I was able to directly breastfeed my twins only after they were three months old. Though late, it was a divine feeling. The little ones cuddled me with hunger. I lovingly embraced them. I felt complete as a mother.

There were many hurdles right from the start. Preterm delivery, low milk secretion, not being able to feed directly. But my family rendered incredible support. Whenever I was down, they boosted my spirits and found ways to lessen my struggles. I am always grateful to them.

Without their guidance and support, I may not be writing about my breastfeeding journey today.

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