New Journey of My Life With My Little One’s Presence in My Life

New Journey of My Life with my Little One's Presence in My Life

The day I conceived was the most precious day in my life .. from that day onwards my lifestyle totally changed. Everyone in the family cared more for me and most wonderfully pampered me more. I felt like I was flying but staying home all the time was a little hard for me. My growing belly was a good sign for me and hubby. I love my fat because of you, my baby. It was time for the first scan and I was a little nervous but everything was ok. I had to buy new clothes because the old ones were tight with the ending of the first trimester. In the second trimester, I felt more hungry all the time. After some time, I felt his movement’s a little. As the days passed, I was able to feel all baby movements..  it’s lovely to feel you. Everytime when I used to go to bed, the baby would start his movement. Then, I started reading articles on Firstcry Parenting and on other apps about what is good to eat and doing the same, I cared for myself a lot. In the next scan, I saw you.. for the first time I saw your movement’s but baby was less active. I was a little worried about baby but everything was ok in the report. Now in third trimester, I was ready with my hospital bag, read all my required things from Firstcry Parenting, even chatted with customer care service about things I required after my delivery. Ordered my products online from Firstcry and got my bag ready with some little beautiful clothes for my baby. In the last two months, I prepared myself for delivery. In scan now there was a little problem, baby was moving less inside maybe because of less space or I was eating less. But I ran to doctor because of less movement. One day, doctor admitted me in the hospital and applied drip. Everyone in the family had come there to meet me. Baby started his movement normally and doctor discharged me after movement started. I went to doctor many times for less baby movement and she suggested me another scan. Finally ninth month started. My heart beat fast, I was little worried at night and felt more pressure on my abdomen all the time. I was doing some exercise like squats because I wanted normal  delivery. Another day, I went to doctor because of less movement, doctor checked high rate of baby’s heart beat. She was a little worried and asked my family for C-section. Shifting me day care centre to hospital.  Nurses prepared me for delivery, I was worried but I showed to my moms that I was strong enough because I love both of them a lot. I didn’t want to make them  cry but I was crying inside. Now it was time to leave my room and go into operation theatre and I was nervous. Doctor asked me some question and started their procedure, anaesthesia started working. I was lost somewhere in another world and after sometime, I listened to my baby is crying. Awww I love my baby. When I opened my eye,s I was in operation theatre. My first question was whether my baby was ok, they said ok, after that I asked it’s boy or girl, they replied boy. I was happy and I wanted to see my baby. They shifted me to the room. I saw my baby with blurry eyes because of anaesthesia. Now shifted baby to another hospital because of high rate of heart beat. I met my baby after 3 days and he’s my everything. From the first day, I have lived for him, he’s the reason behind my every smile. He’s now 9 months 13 days old. I spend all my time with him. I left studies and am enjoying my motherhood time and salute to all other mothers.

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