Motherhood and Its New ABCs

Motherhood and Its New ABCs

ASK for assistance.

BELONG to a social group for moms.

CARE for yourself as you care for your children.

DANCE with your children and let the inner child in you come out.

EAT chocolates and healthy meals. You deserve it!

FORGIVE yourself for your mistakes over and over again.

GIVE up some control. Seriously, let it go!

HAVE regular date nights with your hubby. It’s a gift to your children.

IF you say no, make sure you mean no. If you say yes, make sure it’s an absolute yes!

JUDGE no one – not yourself, your children, other moms, other children. Life is hard.

KEEP life simple for you and your family.

LAUGH out loud and often!

MOMMIES have needs too, so make sure yours get met.

NEVER forget who you were before you became a mom, and who you are besides a mom.

OPEN your mind and eyes to what you can learn about yourself through parenting.

PERFECTION will only add more stress, so find joy in imperfection!

QUESTION your mommy guilt. Do you really want to hang on to it?

RELAX and take a deep breath. Turn your worries and fears over to God.

Savour the everyday moments with your kids.

TODAY is today, but tomorrow is a brand new day!

UNDO those beliefs, habits and behaviours that no longer serve you and your family.

VISION, intention and action are the ingredients for creating your ideal family.

WHO says motherhood is not the most important job in the world? They don’t have children counting on them every day!

EXAMINE your EXPECTATIONS to make sure they are reasonable.

YOU know best, so trust your judgment.

ZAP all that energy draining clutter and drama from your life. You have enough to deal with.

So these are the new ABC’s of motherhood. As we grew, we learnt A for Apple and B for Ball and when we give birth, as a mother we need to again start from ABC.

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