Ways to Engage With Your Child at Home

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Motherhood comes with a lot of challenges, and one of them is engaging with our child. We, women, have a lot on our hands. At the same time, we can’t leave our kid unattended as they need their mother the most.

I have searched a lot of parenting websites for tips on how to engage with children, and keep them busy. I was very stressed, and calculating what next should I give my daughter. I couldn’t find any activities which would keep her engaged for more than 20 to 25 minutes. My husband would tell me not to stress out about how to engage with our child. Instead, engage, enjoy, and play with her. So I have started doing certain things which all mothers may find useful:

1. Cooking

I take vegetables and chop them while interacting with my daughter. I tell her about what we’re cooking that day. She too tells me the different vegetable names, colours of vegetables, etc.

2. Household Chores

While setting the cupboard, my daughter helps me in the segregation of clothes. She knows which clothes belong to her, which one was gifted to her by her father, and so on.

3. Singing and Dancing

I play my daughter’s favourite rhymes while we dance together. This brings back memories of my childhood. We play the piano together and sing her favourite rhymes too.

4. Going to Bed

We discuss the events of the day. She then recites some rhymes and asks me to tell a story.

5. Watching TV Together

In this era of technology, the main issue is an addiction to TV, mobile phones and other devices. To tackle this, whenever we watch TV together, I always talk to her and engage her.

6. Playing Together

We paint together, solve puzzles and do other activities which have no doubt strengthened our bond.

Thanks for reading, I hope this will help mothers enjoy motherhood instead of stressing out about it. I have started doing this very late from the last three months, and right now my daughter is two years two months. It has also helped me overcome the guilty feeling which every working woman has- that they aren’t giving their 100% to their kids.

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