13 Tips for an Easier Life With a Newborn Baby

Being a new mother can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Not to forget the stress you undergo, most of the time. I’m listing down the things that I genuinely went through, and now feel that if I had these tips when my baby was born, my life would have been a little easier.

  1. Initially, use only maternity pads. They are softer and more comfortable than period pads, especially if you’ve had an episiotomy, and you need to be comfortable during this time.
  2. You will be in pain. Ask your doctor for painkillers if he hasn’t prescribed them as yet.
  3. Your little bundle of joy will cry non stop for the first few days and will be up almost the entire night, and you will be severely sleep-deprived. So get as much sleep as possible. Don’t clean the house or take a bath unless it’s really necessary. If you are sleep-deprived, you’ll not enjoy spending time with your baby.
  4. Be extremely careful when introducing a pacifier or a bottle. Because babies are really smart, and if breastfeeding is not established, they will refuse to nurse from your breast.
  5. Have a specific day time and bedtime routine in place before you bring your baby home. Routines need not be too rigid concerning time, but keep the activities consistent. Let them be relaxing for the baby. Do some research beforehand. There are a lot of books on sleep training, sleep associations etc. I liked the “No cry sleep solution” book by Elizabeth Pantley.
  6. Learn all possible breastfeeding techniques at the hospital. For example, you might not use the side-lying position initially, but when your baby is over four months old, this nursing position will come in handy. It took a while for me and my baby to learn this position. But now when its 3 am, I don’t have to get up to feed my baby.
  7. Make sure you are comfortable when you are breastfeeding. Otherwise, your back will hurt a lot. Use feeding pillows or regular ones as much as you want.
  8. Don’t ever let your baby sleep on your lap. He/she will get used to it and will always expect to sleep on your lap, night or day.
  9. Let your baby play on his/her playmat or his crib by himself, at least for a little while. Don’t carry your baby everywhere around the house. He will get used to it and will always want to be held, which is great if you didn’t have to cook or clean or take care of your older kids.
  10. Make sure to leave your baby’s bottom open, to air, for at least an hour every day if you are using diapers. This will reduce diaper rashes. You can apply coconut oil and wrap his/her bum in cloth diapers, or you can get a couple of pyjamas if its winter.
  11. You can use water-filled tummy time mats, that’ll keep the baby interested in tummy time. Babies don’t naturally like tummy time. At least mine didn’t.
  12. Have your diaper bag ready at all times; you never know when you will need to run to a doctor.
  13. Invest in a toy that will keep your baby entertained for a long time. Something with colours and music, and it should move.

So here were some tips from me to all the new moms everywhere. Enjoy this phase with your newborn!

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