Hospital Bag Essentials for Mother and Baby

As the third-trimester begins, you can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms and hear his cry. You start assembling the items that you and your baby might need, but it becomes very difficult to decide what to pack in your hospital bag. You’re worried about over-packing and at the same time, about missing out on essential items.
Here is an exhaustive list that you can rely on and be carefree during your delivery.

1. Medical records

This is the most important item as it has your medical history during pregnancy. It aids the doctors in knowing what medications or allergies you have been prescribed/diagnosed with, throughout your pregnancy.

2. Company identity card

Most of the companies offer maternity benefits and insurance. You will need your company identity card and insurance-related documents to avail these benefits.

3. Toiletries

Whether you deliver naturally or by C-section,  you will be in the hospital for at least three to five days. Pack your dental kit and cosmetics like kajal, lip balm, body lotion, comb etc. Don’t forget to pack talcum powder as you won’t be able to take a bath immediately after delivery, and the talcum powder will help you feel fresh. Most hospitals provide sanitizers, but you can carry one to be on the safe side as you wouldn’t want anyone to touch your newborn with unclean hands. Most importantly, you will need to stock up on maternity pads.

4. Wet wipes and tissues

As you will be bedridden soon after delivery, you can use wet wipes to wipe your hands and face during that time. Carry a pack of tissues as it comes in handy for various reasons.

5. Clothing

Most of the hospitals have gowns for the patients, so you need not worry about that. But do carry your inner wears. Pack a shawl or jacket and socks as you might feel cold. Don’t forget the nursing bras as they will help you in the initial days. Do pack a lovely & comfortable outfit for returning home with your little one; as you both will be clicked during the grand welcome.

6. Gadgets

Don’t forget to carry your phone charger along with you. You can also bring a tablet and its charger to kill time in the hospital. It is better to bring your earphones if you would like some ‘me’ time over there.

7. Miscellaneous

Some other things that you will need, and should pack are your wallet, water bottle, glass, bowl and spoon (to feed the baby in the initial days), flip-flops, a notebook and a pen, spectacles and its case ( if you use one), hand towel and cushion or pillow (if you have a special one).
Now, this was all about the expectant mother. But you will need to pack something for the baby too.
Here’s a list which will help you pack for baby:
  • 2-3 swaddle cloths
  • 5-6 set of clothes
  • 2-3 set of warm clothes (for winter season)
  • 2-3 socks/booties  & mittens sets
  • Two dozen cotton nappies – as you have to monitor the urine output in the initial days and this makes it easier
  • 2-3 quick-dry sheets
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby cosmetics: baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, rash cream
  • One pack of newborn diapers – opt for diapers instead of pants as they are easier to use
  • Bibs & napkins
  • Small towel
I hope this list helps you pack better and let you be more prepared. Pack your bags in advance and keep them ready by the door to avoid a last-minute rush.
All the best!
Let me know in the comments below if I missed anything.

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