Travelling Alone With Your Toddler/Infant: Planning and Packing Tips

Travelling Alone With Your Toddler/Infant: Planning and Packing Tips

Sometimes being a parent can be overwhelming. For me, that time was the thought of travelling alone with my 1.5-year-old daughter. The whole idea of an overnight flight journey with no one else to help out was really a scary thought. Then I just reminded myself that a lot of parents do it and I can do it too. Being organized reduces half of your stress and planning is the key to a smooth travel experience.

Planning your flight: Always plan your flight time which will coincide with your baby’s nap time. This will ensure you get time to settle in the flight and have a meal while the baby sleeps. It also gives you a break from entertaining the baby in long haul flights.

Packing for the travel: Packing for a baby can be really tricky and challenging at the same time. I always prefer a sack for my cabin luggage, it is easy to carry and one can find stuff without actually needing to open the bag fully. Always pack in chronological order. Items least needed (like books, clothes, toys) go at the bottom and items frequently needed (snacks, milk, diapers, wet wipes) go on the top. Always carry a small blanket for your baby to snuggle in. Carry food for at least 2 extra meal times as flights can get delayed and a hungry baby can be very difficult to handle. And last but not least, don’t forget to carry your baby’s favourite toy.

Clothing: Wearing the right outfit is often ignored. It is the key to a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. One tends to put on layers of clothing onto our babies during travel. This makes the babies irritated and cranky. Always dress your child in comfortable light clothes (you can always carry a jacket and socks if it gets cold). Always carry lip balm and moisturizer, as it gets really dry in flights. A small plastic bag to put in soiled clothes and a set you extra clothes for you too.

Accessories: A baby carry bag/lightweight pram is always helpful and for parents, a small sling bag which can hold your travel documents and wallet.

You can always ask for help: Never shy away from asking for help. Things can really become difficult sometimes and how much ever you plan there can be times when you need help. Ask for it, there is nothing wrong if you ask someone to help.

Travelling with my baby was fun and once I got over my fear I started loving it. It gives you time to bond with your child and have a wonderful time for just you and the baby. Sure there are challenges but the experience is just wonderful. Always remember- you know your baby the most, so go with your instincts and you will never find it difficult to travel alone.

And yes don’t forget to click pictures as it will be a fun journey. Happy travels!

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