Why Stop with One Child? Plan for the Second Child!

Why Stop with One Child? Plan for the Second Child!

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As parents, we plan everything for the future of our child, like schooling, career, insurance, and most importantly, financial security. We never forget to pay premiums of insurance policies, so that if something bad happens, the child is financially secure. But, have we ever thought about the emotional security of a child?

Yes, you are thinking right. I want to share my views on the dilemma every parents face after giving birth to first child – do we need a second child?

We get so tired taking care of a child, that we feel that just one is enough for us. But I strongly feel that there should be a minimum of 2 children in one family. Here are the reasons why:

  • If parents die early, to whom will the child go? They will feel secure with their own siblings, as they have grown up together.
  • They have a full-time play partner, which reduces screen time.
  • It’s easier for them to adjust with other kids at school. A single child may not know how to adjust with other kids at school.
  • They learn to share their toys and food. We may pamper a single child so much that we buy them everything they want, due to which they don’t share things with others.
  • They never get bored, as they get busy with themselves, which also saves the parents’ time. Else, in today’s world, it’s very difficult for parents to spare time for playing with kids.
  • Many things can be re-used, like toys or books.

These are just advantages, but the main thing is that the child will be never alone. Even in our absence, they will have someone to stand beside them during sad and happy times, someone to call their own sibling, and not a cousin.

Many parents are worried about how to support 2 children financially, as they may not be able to afford it, but I believe if both husband and wife work hard and reduce a little luxury, they can support 2 children.
I have 3 siblings, and I have experienced it personally the fun times siblings have together, the secrets they share, the little fights for chocolates and games, and so many more memories that they share together. Our mother used to get us many types of board games, which we enjoyed playing together.
Plan your child’s emotional security along with financial security, and they will surely thank you later.
I would like to know the readers’ view points, so please share your views in the comment section!
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