My First Breastfeeding Journey and the Problems I Faced

My First Breastfeeding Journey and the Problems I Faced

I have been blessed with a baby girl recently. During pregnancy, I planned that I would breastfeed my baby for 2-3 years. After my baby was born, the nurse handed her over to me to feed her. However, to my dismay, I couldn’t feed her as my breasts were not generating milk. I examined after 2-3 hours but was again disappointed. The following morning, my husband told the nurse about my condition. She suggested I feed the baby with formula milk.

My mother-in-law consoled me, saying that milk would come out with massaging the breasts. On the third day, my breasts felt heavy, and I later found from the doctor about breast engorgement. I purchased a breast pump, and my mother-in-law massaged the breasts with oil to reduce the engorgement.

After five days, I could finally feed my baby with pumped milk; however, the milk pumped was insufficient for her. I almost cried all day and wondered how it could happen to me. I was sad as my daughter could not feed on breastmilk while I knew that was the best form of nutrient for her. I researched this on the internet and consulted and pediatricians who suggested I avoid formula milk. It was a greater concern as I did not want to allow my baby to go hungry. She cried a lot throughout the day for food, and I was unable to bear that pain.

Later, one of my friends suggested using a nipple shield, which turned out to be a blessing for my baby and me as she started latching the shield. After some time, the milk started coming to the breast. However, another problem that persisted was my little child was latching the shield and not my breast. I was anxious and extensively researched on the internet to find a solution to it. Finally, I bumped into a great idea in a YouTube video which I started following. I prepared formula milk in a bottle and then brought my baby girl close to my breast as if to feed. My husband or mother-in-law poured a few drops of formula milk on my breast. This worked like magic as my little girl started latching. The technique proved to be a blessing, and now she latches on my breast by God’s grace. I could finally stop feeding her formula milk and continue breastfeeding her for as many days as possible.

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