A Miracle! My Baby Completes Me!

Yes!! Finally, I’m the mommy of a very sweet daughter!

We were planning for four years but weren’t able to conceive. There was no issue found in our medical reports as well. Everything was normal, but still, we couldn’t conceive.

So first, we tried to go for normal medication and followed the ovulation cycle; that was also absolutely perfect! After four years of trying, we thought we were ready to take a step ahead, and we underwent IUI treatment twice. However, the result was
negative both the time.
But, we never lost hope. We decided to try IVF treatment. Everything was going as per the plan. We also registered in CARA for adoption because it’s ok to adopt a child! We were mentally prepared. After a month, we went to the hospital for further procedure and check-ups. The blood reports were not ok to go ahead with IVF treatment. And the doctor asked us to wait for another six months.
In January, I missed my menstrual cycle, but I ignored it just because of my previous experience. After almost a week, I called the doctor to finalise the date. He asked me to visit on the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle. I told him the whole story, and he asked me to visit the next day. We went to the hospital and guess what!
A true miracle of God, yeah you guessed it right! It was the most precious thing I heard that day! The doctor congratulated me on being pregnant! He asked my husband to come inside the sonography room to see the baby. It was a very emotional and special moment for us when we saw our little baby on the screen. We had tears in our eyes.
I can’t express that feeling in words. Yes, getting pregnant and giving birth is such a miracle. I feel complete with my daughter, Niya, in my arms.
Never lose hope as God has a solution to every situation.
You are attracting everything you need, trust the timing.

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