Daily Diet and Routine for Lactating Mothers

Daily Diet and Routine for Lactating Mothers

Hello, All New Mothers!
Are you anxious about all the night wake-ups to breastfeed your little one? Are you worried that lack of sleep and required nutrition will impact your health and, consecutively, your baby’s health? Here is a healthy lifestyle routine that you can follow daily to stay fit and energetic to give your baby the best of yourself.

It is best for all new mothers to wake up early in the morning.

Before 7 am – Start your day with one glass of cow milk, 2-3 almonds or walnuts, with cow ghee (if possible). This will provide you with all the nutrients and energy required for the day.

Before 8.30 am- Breakfast
For breakfast, you can have Rava/Upma/Dalia/Oats/1Egg/1 Chapati with vegetables. You can also have Poha/Idli/Moong dal (green gram) dosa, etc., sometimes in a week.

Before 10 am – You must have fruits like Pomegranate/Apple (2-4 slices)/Sweet lime, etc.

Before 12.30 pm – Have your lunch before 12.30 pm and avoid an afternoon nap to prevent indigestion issues. Your plate should have one bowl of pulses (primarily Green gram), one bowl of green and leafy vegetables or fruit vegetables (to provide you with necessary fiber), one small bowl of lentil sprouts (for protein), two chapati/phulka (made of wheat or sorghum for required carbohydrates).

Fruit vegetables are Calabash, also known as bottle gourd, Sponge gourd, Drumsticks. All fruit vegetables are good to be included in your diet; however, it is better to repeat the ones mentioned here frequently.

All green, leafy vegetables are good for consumption. However, it is better to avoid Fenugreek as it can lead to acidity. Nevertheless, Fenugreek can be included in the diet in the winter season and once a week in other seasons.

Green gram is a source of several nutrients and should be consumed more frequently than other lentils that can be taken once or twice a week.

Before 4-5 pm – Evening Snack
You can either take any fruit or have one cup of tea brewed with ginger, holy basil, and cardamom.

Before 7.30 pm – Dinner
You can include the same items suggested for lunch. However, you can include some different vegetables or fruit vegetables to add variety.

Important Tip – Sweets and ice-creams should be eaten before lunch as they are difficult to digest. It is also recommended to extra cook non-vegetarian dishes and have them for lunch as they are hard to digest as well.

It is very important to exercise daily. You can start with 10 Surya-namaskar, gradually increasing it to 30.

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