The Nine Glorious Months of My Pregnancy

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The joy of getting pregnant in itself is an inexplicable experience which always makes me blush and smile The day I saw the pink lines still lingers in my mind. I couldn’t sleep all night because I wanted to use the Pregnancy test kit in the morning. I got up at 5:45 AM and went to check. My husband also woke up and sat on the bed, waiting for me. And, I came out with a wide smile, tears of joy, and a huge sigh of relief that I am finally going to become a mom.

All the waiting, and praying for the miracle to happen came to a peaceful halt. After sitting on the bed, revelling in the wonder that happened to us, we slipped in a peaceful morning nap.
I remember the nervousness I experienced during my first scan until I saw my baby’s heartbeat. Every time I went for my scan, I felt I had an appointment to see my baby. When I saw my baby’s silhouette in the scan, I was on cloud nine; overwhelmed by the growth of a real baby inside me.
The day I realised that the butterflies in my stomach are nothing but my sweet baby’s movements, yet another strong connection was established. Listening to music, experiencing the baby’s movements, talks to her, telling her how I felt, etc. were all my personal milestones on my Journey to becoming a mom.
On the day of the growth scan when we saw her 3D image, we know that we will meet soon. Then the day finally came, when I saw her in the operation theatre with tears in my eyes. That moment I had my heart living outside of my body.
Even if it were nine months of togetherness, of having two hearts inside my body, of having her inside me, safe and secure, and away from this world, I miss being pregnant.

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