Starting Bananas for Your Baby for the First Time

Each baby has its own taste and choices so we cannot provide to all baby food in the same manner. As per my experience, we have to prepare food in a texture which our child can accept happily because we cannot force our child to eat at the very beginning.
So we can provide bananas to our child in different ways. You can dip bananas in more milk to provide it with a milky texture but if child rejects that texture then you can opt for another option, that is, make purée of banana to introduce it our child and according to my experience introduce anything to your child when child is hungry because if the child is full of milk then the child will not accept any solid foods.

So try to analyse the texture choice of your child before starting anything. And don’t give milk just after banana even if you feel your baby is hungry because giving milk make digestion of banana difficult. That can make your child gassy and uncomfortable and also it will become difficult for you to analyse whether banana suits to your baby or not. Enjoy your motherhood ?. And while introducing fruits to your baby banana is the best option as per its nutritional values and its softness because at beginning a baby needs soft food which is easy to swallow for him. A small baby has a small stomach so start with 2-3 spoons because an overdose can affect digestion of your baby and create trouble for you and your baby. And due to introducing solids, you need to cut down the amount of milk so try to provide nutritional things to your baby so that growth doesn’t get hampered and if your baby starts eating well then don’t put pressure on our baby to eat milk.

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