This or That, Who Decides What Is Right for Your Baby?

This or That, Who Decides What is Right for Your Baby?

Breastfeed or formula, new clothes or used,  home school or preschool, cerelax or organic food, diapers or potty train!!

I am pretty much sure every single mother goes through these questions and even many more such, and at some point has lowered her self esteem thinking she is a bad mom. Well, I have!!
But, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Who decides what is right or wrong? The articles we read, or a word we heard from another person? Did your doctor ever say if your breast milk is not enough do not give formula and starve the baby? Does a surrogate baby not have formula or lets say a new baby who lost his mom; should he starve? Or will you never give any processed food to your baby? Will he never eat a biscuit? If a working mom makes her life easy and gives her baby cerelac she is not a bad mom!! I recently read a lot of debate about not giving colic drops or medicines or gripe water, and honestly no one gives it for fun, and not that you are putting your baby on a lifetime medication, its a phase where your baby is growing and a lot of development is happening, it take a while to adjust and may be in pain while another might not!
There has been no mother, who would do wrong to her baby, not a first timer not a mother of four not even a mother of a 30year old. So, do what is right, follow your baby; every baby is different and ao is every mother. I especially choose to write on this topic because as I read many blogs I feel insecure and guilty at times ( just for a minute) that oh I gave formula, oh I gave cerelac, oh no my baby is still not potty trained, but when I look back I do realise that if I hadn’t given formula my baby would have been hungry! I often worry that my baby is still on diapers, but I  don’t want to pressurise him, I lose my temper often, I make mistakes but my baby doesn’t judge me, so why should I?
I am happiest when my baby is happy, he plays in the mud and gets dirty, splashes all the puddles on the pathway, draws on the wall, spills food on the floor, he even refuses to learn a lot of things, but again didn’t I do the same when I was a kid? Just because we live in a social media world where we see the brighter side of a mom life does mean I have to do the same.
So moms, you are the best mother to your child and only you know what is good. Please do not follow another mother because she has so and so followers or because she writes well!!
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