Let the World Say What They Want To…Do What Your Heart Says!

Every day is a challenge for a new mom because it’s the most important exam aka challenge nobody wants to fail and in this process of not getting into this failure part we listen to every bullshit told to us from anyone.

I get irritated when people with zero experience come and tell me..do this, don’t do this, but as we live in a civilized society we have to take it patiently very patiently.
Believe me, I am a new mom and soon I have learnt the fact that you should do what your heart says.

Every Child is Different and So are Their Moms and So are the Methods

Trust me if you really want to enjoy this phase of your life where you are already suffering from weight issues, health issues, job issues, sleepless nights issues and what not, start believing in yourself and do what your heart says. After all the baby is yours completely, your very own part, how can your heart say anything wrong about it?

Life becomes more difficult when we listen to free unwanted advice. Don’t take me wrong, I am not an anti-social but I do believe that there is a way for everything and we should let every mom deal with it in their own way. Do not make things more difficult for yourself by taking unnecessary advice from anyone who is not in your shoes. It’s your baby and nobody can ever know anything about her more than you, not even her daddy.

My point is that not all advice that is given to you is rubbish or of no use …no not at all… sometimes we get such wonderful piece of advice that we feel thankful to that person. My point is very simple, if you don’t like what the other person is saying and you don’t feel right doing that, then don’t do it. Don’t go under any pressure or feel that if I will not do that this will be the consequences or something bad might happen.

From the period of pregnancy, we have already listened to so much that it’s high time to have two ears for two different ways, one for inlet and the other for the outlet.
We are the moms, we have the right to decide to what my baby should eat, should wear, should play, etc.

Take the baby steps with your baby and make this journey more beautiful, happening, rememberable.

Follow your heart and let me know how it feels as I  feel really good!

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