9 Fun Facts About January Babies

9 Fun Facts About January Babies

January, the first month of the year (as per the Julian calendar), is about new beginnings, new resolutions, new promises, and, well, all things new! If you’re about to start your new year by welcoming a baby in the very first month of the year, then we are sure you are on this page for a reason. If you have taken the time out to read this, we know that your baby is either a January-born child or is due in January; or maybe you have a niece or nephew who is a January kid. So, without further delay, find out some fun facts about January babies!

9 Fun Facts About January-born Babies

There’s something special about people born in January because people aspire to be like them. Are you excited to find out why that is? Read on, as it’s about to get much more exciting. Since Jan-born babies are characteristically fun, read all these facts about them in good humour – you don’t always need to go by science or logic; sometimes it’s just about having FUN!

1. They Are the Funniest!

If your baby is a January baby, then rest assured, you’ll never get bored. People born in January have a natural sense of humour and are incredibly witty. You never know, your little one could grow up to be a funny and cheerful person, always entertaining others. Sarcasm and ingenuity come naturally to people born in January, so you are in for a hilarious ride!

A baby laughing

2. They Are Pretty Cool

Your Jan-born baby is less likely to be irritable than babies born in other months. If you think that the cold winter month of January has something to do with this behaviour of your kid, then you are not entirely wrong. The cold weather makes January-borns pretty cool and chilled (pun intended!) when it comes to dealing with life! It’s a trait worth aspiring for, as life becomes easy when you stress less and take each day as it comes!

3. They Are Creative

Babies born in January are likely to be more creative and imaginative. Their problem-solving skills are also excellent. If you see your little one solving a puzzle on his own or creating something unique, don’t be surprised; creativity comes naturally to January born kids. Are you already feeling proud & content thinking about your child’s potential spatial and logical intelligence? It’s okay, you don’t have to be modest about it, because you’ll have every reason to be proud of your baby in the future!

4. They Are Likely to Be Doctors or Debt Collectors

When you come to know that you are pregnant, you already start thinking about the potential careers for your child (yes, you don’t voice it out in public, but in your mind, you have it all sorted out), don’t you? If you are expecting a baby in January, and are secretly wishing to see him grow up to be a footballer or badminton player, then you may have to rethink your kid’s (potential) career slightly. People born in January are more likely to become doctors or debt collectors! So if your little one plays doctor-doctor with you now, you never know, he might become a real doctor in the future – after all, the odds are in his favour!

A little baby acting as a doctor

5. They Are Bold and Independent

Has your baby already started showing signs of independence? Ah! He must be a January kid then. People born in January are bold and brave. They like to take all the burdens of a task on themselves, thinking they can manage everything on their own. Yes, they believe they can singularly handle any job, but the reason for this might be their inability to trust anyone. January-born kids also think that their way of getting things done is better than anyone else’s, and for this, they may get cold stares, of course! So, let your baby be bold & independent as he grows up, but if you ever observe that his behaviour is getting out of control, have a word with him (you know what we mean!).

6. They Are Destined for Fame

Are you happy on reading this? You should be, because your January baby can walk down (or up, rather!) the path to fame in the future. People born in January are either Capricorns or Aquarians, but it is the latter ones that are likely to get famous. Well, the month of January is undoubtedly a bearer of good fortune – doctors, debt collectors, and fame – your kid’s future is secure!

7. They Love to Lead

January-borns have an opinion on everything. If a person tries to change their way of thinking, chances are that the person may get influenced by them, because January-borns will be adamant about their decisions and beliefs. These people are born to lead; it’s their innate quality, and you can’t just underestimate them. So, if you have a January baby, you’ve got a leader in your family.

A baby who loves to lead

8. They Are Immune to Stupidity

These people know how to subtly provide criticism (without hurting any feelings) and how to respond to stupid questions. If they are ever asked a silly question, their only response may be SILENCE. Yes, they don’t tolerate nonsense, and their witty grin conveys the message. Although you might appreciate this trait of your baby as he grows up, you’ll have to be a little careful while introducing him to your relatives – you wouldn’t want him offending them, right?

9. They Are Secretive

Don’t stress if your January baby grows up to be a secretive person because January-borns can be that way. People born in January are logical and realistic, and they like keeping things to themselves. They also gel with people well, but trust none; so spilling their secrets to anyone – not going to happen!

So, these are some of the unique traits of January-born babies. We are sure reading about these wonderful qualities of January people will make you feel content and happy (if your baby is a January baby or is due in January, of course!). Although these traits are a plus to help a child grow up to be a good, confident, and successful person in life, they aren’t substitutes to hard work. Take pride in your child if he displays these qualities, but don’t let your praise reach his ears at all times. If you want to see your little one grow into a humble and successful person, teach him to work hard and stay kind – the inborn traits are just going to fuel his success further!

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