32 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Size, Body Changes & more

32 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect

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At 32 weeks of pregnancy, you’re in the third trimester of pregnancy. Your delivery date is getting closer, and you must be excited to meet your little one. You might experience fatigue, heartburn, etc., as these are the common symptoms in the third trimester of pregnancy, but your baby will continue to grow until your delivery date. At 32 weeks, you may notice some changes in your body and your baby’s movements too. To find out what you should expect at 32 weeks of pregnancy, read this article.

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Your Baby’s Growth at 32 Weeks of Pregnancy

Week 32 is going to bring with it a whole host of new experiences. First, your baby is going to be tapping and wriggling rather than his usual bouncing around. This is largely due to the lack of space in your uterus as your little one is getting pretty big. Prepare yourself for the drop your foetus is going to take into your pelvis in preparation for birth. Your baby might be upside down (which is known as the breech position), but he might revert to normal position before birth. Your baby’s growth rate will be high now, as he might put on around fifty per cent of his weight between now and delivery. By this time, the baby’s lungs are fully developed, and in case of premature delivery, there’s a high chance of baby’s survival.

What Is the Size of the Baby?

At 32 weeks pregnant, a baby weighs between 1.5 kg and 2 kgs and is about 35 cm from head to foot. Crowding your uterus, your baby can’t really move around much, but now it’s only a matter of time until he has all the space in the world. The baby is completely formed by now, looking almost exactly like a smaller newborn.

Common Bodily Changes

You will experience a range of body changes during pregnancy at 32 weeks. But not to worry, as these can be controlled to an extent:

  • Swollen feet: Oedema is common during pregnancy, and as a result, you may notice swelling in your feet and ankles. This happens due to excess water retention in those regions. Buy comfortable free size shoes if your feet hurt.

  • Change in the colour of nipples: Your nipples are going to get considerably darker as your breasts ready themselves for your newborn. This is due to the antibacterial oils they produce to keep the area sterile.
  • Leaking breasts: Your breasts may start leaking and this is just a sign that they are preparing for nursing once your baby is out. Colostrum is going to seep out of your nipples quite frequently, so take care to wear padded water-absorbent bras if you have to go out.

  • Excess vaginal secretions: Your vagina is preparing for delivery by preparing a thick mucous layer around the walls to keep them lubricated. As this could be a tad inconvenient, carry around a sanitary napkin just in case you need it.

Symptoms at 32 Weeks of Pregnancy

Here are some symptoms you might experience at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Feeling faint

You may feel faint due to several reasons, especially not having enough blood sugar. Keep a sugary snack ready at all times.

  • Haemorrhoids

Rectal varicose veins might occur due to constipation and they are rather painful and sensitive. Try to soothe them with ice packs, but stubborn ones need medical intervention.

  • Constipation

With your rapidly growing foetus squeezing your organs to the side, your bowels are not faring any better. The pressure exerted on them might make your daily motions infrequent and more difficult.

  • Itchy skin

The bigger your baby gets, the more it stretches your belly skin. This could lead to dryness and cracks. Moisturisers are well suited to ease the discomfort.

  • Heartburn

The most common symptom, it is going to get more uncomfortable as your baby grows and pushes against your digestive system. Try to eat smaller but more frequent meals. Consume digestive aids like buttermilk and curd more often.

Belly at 32 Weeks of Pregnancy

At the 32nd week, you can expect your stomach to vary from 28-36 cm from top to bottom. Around this time, your baby will drop into the pelvic cavity in preparation for birth, making your pregnancy bump a lot lower in height than earlier. Sometimes, this drop happens during labour.

Ultrasound Scan at 32 Weeks of Pregnancy

A 32nd week, an ultrasound scan is important as it can tell you several details, such as:

  • Foetal growth: Your doctor will be able to tell you if the baby is growing normally.
  • Foetal placement: Your baby needs to be with his head down towards the cervix, but sometimes can be in the reverse position.

You may also get a 3D ultrasound scan to observe the minute details of your little one’s face and body. An ultrasound scan at 32 weeks of pregnancy is a must if suggested by your doctor.

What to Eat

At 32nd week of pregnancy, you must make sure that your diet includes foods rich in iron as iron is important during this time. This is because of the jump in your blood amount by approximately fifty per cent. Iron is an essential part of haemoglobin, the protein required to carry oxygen. Make sure you eat foods rich in iron like spinach, broccoli, red meat, legumes, or even ask your doctor for a multivitamin supplement if your diet does not cover the nutritional requirements for the same.

The baby’s nails, teeth, hair, and bones are formed but are still delicate. Strengthening them is important, and require sufficient calcium per day. Foods like dairy, leafy vegetables and cereal are great sources of calcium, so make sure you include them in your diet.

Avoid foods that contain fat and refined sugar. Have frequent smaller meals and try to eat less meat and a lot more fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Alcohol is absolutely out of the question.

Care Tips

Note these pointers for a comfortable experience at this stage of pregnancy.


  • As babies can survive outside the womb after this point, you might want to make some preparations for an early pregnancy just in case. One thing to consider is the pain relief method to choose. There are several available, but you can reject all of them if you want a natural, drug-free birth.
  • Keep a set of nappies, blankets, and pillows ready for your little one.


  • Don’t forget to pack stuff for yourself when you get that hospital bag ready. Keep a few sanitary napkins as you will definitely need to use them after the birth.
  • Don’t neglect your exercises, especially swimming or yoga, as they provide relief from back pain and pelvic pain. But exercise only after checking with your doctor.

What You Need to Shop For

You can now plan how to decorate your little one’s room. Purchase maternity dresses and bras, as well as clothes to wear after you give birth. Maternity nighties would be a smart purchase as they spell comfort throughout the pregnancy. You can also check out Bella Mama’s maternity night suits which offer nursing access at the front and ample space for the belly to expand. Stock up on feeding bottles, nappies, medicated powder and small soft toys. You can also purchase a small pram to move your baby around the house or take a walk outside.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, you’re nearly there. You will be soon welcoming your baby into this world until then take good care of yourself, eat well and stay happy. Your little one will be happy too!

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