80 Surnames or Last Names That Start With ‘A’

80 Surnames or Last Names That Start With 'A'

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions that you will make while pregnant. And while looking for that perfect name, chances are that you and your spouse will forget about selecting a last name for your baby-to-be. While most parents select their family name as the last name for their little one, many millennial parents today are adding an element of their choice to their babies last names. If you’re looking for the right surname for your baby, we’ve rounded up a list of last names starting with ‘A’.

80 Surnames or Family Names Starting With ‘A’ With Their Meanings

Here are some last names that start with the letter ‘A’ that you may be familiar with:

1. Aagaard

Aagaard has Norwegian, French and Germanic origins. It means ‘bold’ and ‘farm by the stream’.

2. Aalbers

Aalbers is a Dutch and Danish variant of the name Albers. It means son of Albert.

3. Aanenson

This surname has Norwegian ancestry. It comes from old Norse words which mean ‘ancestor’.

4. Aaron

The surname Aaron has both Hebrew and Arabic origins. It means ‘exalted’ and high ‘mountain’.

5. Aaronson

Aaronson is a surname derived from the name Aaron. It means ‘son of Aaron’.

6. Abbey

Abbey is a name with Latin origins where it means ‘head of the monastery’. It’s also a nickname for Abigail.

7. Abbott

Abbot is one of the most common English surnames beginning with a. It is old French for ‘priest’.

8. Abdul

Abdul is both a surname and a first name which means ‘servant of’.

9. Abel

Abel is a European surname which is popular with the Christians. In Hebrew, it means ‘breath’.

10. Abelson

Abelson is an American form of the Jewish name Abel. It means ‘son of Abel’ and also ‘the noble one’.

11. Abner

Abner has biblical origins and means ‘father of light’ in Hebrew. It is an English surname.

12. Abney

Abney is an American surname with English origins. It comes from a place named Abney in Derbyshire.

13. Abraham

Abraham is a popular name with Hebrew origins. It means ‘father of multitude’.

14. Abshire

Abshire is a derivative of the German name ‘Habicher’. It means someone who trains hawks for hunting.

15. Abston

The origins of Abston are uncertain. It is thought to be from the place Abston near Bristol.  It means ‘settlement’

16. Accurso

The surname Accurso has South Italian origins. It is a medieval personal name with means ‘assistance’ or ‘help’.

17. Acheson

This one is a variant of Atchison with Scottish origins. It is derived from the family name of John Acheson. It means ‘son of Atkin’.

18. Achey

Achey is a derivative of the French name ‘Ethier’. It refers to someone who lives in a canal.

19. Ackerman

Ackerman has Dutch origins where it means ‘ploughman’.

20. Acosta

This one is an English derivative of the Portuguese and Spanish word Da Costa. It refers to someone who lives on the coast.

21. Adams

The surname is a derivative of ‘Adam’. In Hebrew, it means ‘Earth’.

22. Addington

Addington is a derivative of the Old English name ‘Eaddingtun’. It means ‘settlement associated with Edda’.

23. Addison

Addison has biblical origins. In English, it means ‘daughter of Adam’.

24. Adelstein

Adelstein has Jewish origins. It is an occupational name meaning ‘precious stone’.

25. Adkins

Adkins is a modern derivative of the Middle English name Adkin. It is a pet form of Adam.

26. Adler

Adler has German origins where it means ‘eagle’. It also refers to those living in a house with an eagle as their symbol.

27. Adley

Adley is thought to be a derivative of the name of the place Hadley. It means ‘God is just’.

28. Adrian

Adrian is one of the oldest names with origins in Latin and Greek. It means ‘rich’ and ‘dark’.

29. Adriano

Adriano is the Spanish and Italian derivative of the Latin name ‘Adrian’. It means ‘sea’ or ‘water’.

30. Adwell

Adwell is a habitational name derived from ‘Adwell’, a place in Oxfordshire.

31. Affleck

Affleck has Scottish origins. It is a habitational name from the place, Affleck, in Angus.

32. Afonso

It is a Spanish and Italian variant of Alfonso. In Old German, it means ‘noble and ready’.

33. Agena

Agena has its origins in North Germany. It refers to the sharp blade of a sword.

34. Agler

Agler is a derivative of the Germanic personal name ‘Agelhar’. It refers to the tip of a sword.

35. Agnes

Agnes is an old surname with Greek origins. It means ‘pure’ in the feminine form.

36. Agustin

Agustin is a Spanish derivative of the Latin name ‘Austin’.

37. Ahart

It is an English variant of the Old German name ‘Ehard’.  It means firm law and order.

38. Ahlberg

Ahlberg has Swedish origins. It refers to mountains of hills.

39. Ahmed

Ahmed has Arabic origins. It means ‘to praise’.

40. Ainsworth

Ainsworth in Scottish means ‘my meadow’. It’s also a habitational name of a place close to Manchester.

41. Airhart

Airhart is a modern form of the German name Ehrhardt. It means ‘brave’, ‘strong’ and ‘hardy’.

42. Airington

It is a variant of Errington, a habitational name of a place close to Northumbria.

43. Akridge

Akridge is a habitational name which is thought to have originated from ’oak ridge’.

44. Alameda

Alameda is a Spanish name that has Native American origins. It means Grove of Cottonwood.

45. Alamo

Alamo has Spanish and Portuguese origins. It relates to the names of a number of places in Spain.

46. Alan

Alan is an English and Scottish name which is both a first and surname. It has Gaelic origins meaning ‘handsome’.

47. Aland

Aland has Scandinavian origins. It relates to the Island in the Gulf of Bothnia.

48. Alba

Alba has Spanish, Italian and Romanian origins. In Latin, it means ‘a thick mass of vegetation’.

49. Albach

Albach is an Americanized version of the name of a German stream named ‘Bach’. It originates from the German name ‘Allbaugh’.

50. Alber

Alber is a reduced variant of ‘Albert’. It means ‘noble bear’.

51. Alberici

It is a variant and plural form of the Italian name Alberico.

52. Albee

Albee is a habitational name of people from Ailby in Lincolnshire or Alby in Norfolk. It’s derived out of old Norse name meaning ‘farmstead’.

53. Albertson

Albertson is an English derivative of Albertsen. It has Danish and Norwegian origins. It means ‘son of Albert’.

54. Alberty

Alberty is an American derivative of the Italian name Alberti. It relates to Albert.

55. Albright

Albright is an American variant of the German name Albrecht. It relates to Albert.

56. Albus

Albus has German origins in the name Weiss. It is a nickname for a person with a pale complexion and white hair.

57. Alcoser

Alcoser is a Spanish variant of Alcocer which means ‘small palace’.

58. Aldana

Aldana is a habitational name for people from the town of Aldana in Basque Country. It means ‘slope’.

59. Aldape

Aldape is a Spanish derivative of the Basque surname Aldabe. It means ‘lower part’.

60. Alder

Alder has Old and Middle English origins. It refers to a type of birch tree.

61. Alderson

Alderson is the English derivative of Alder.

62. Aldrich

Aldrich in Old English means ‘old King’. It is one of the oldest English surnames.

63. Alejandro

Alejandro has Greek origins and means ‘protector of mankind’. It is also a variant of Alexander in Persian.

64. Alexander

Alexander is both a first and surname which means ‘protector of mankind’. It has origins in English, German, Dutch and many other cultures.

65. Alexson

Alexon’s origins are uncertain. It is thought to be an American diminutive of Alexander.

66. Alfred

Alfred is one of the most popular Old English names. It means ‘wise counsel’.

67. Alfredson

Alfredson is an Americanized version of the Norwegian Alfredsen. It relates to Alfred.

68. Allensworth

The origins of this surname are uncertain but it is thought to be habitational English or Scottish.  It is a derivative of Alan which means ‘little rock’.

69. Allerton

Allerton has habitational origins relating to many places in West Yorkshire. It means ‘settlement by the alders’.

70. Alley

Alley has French and English origins. It is an Americanized form of the French name Halley.

71. Allinger

Allinger is a habitational name for people who are from the German place ‘Alling’.

72. Allwood

Allwood is an English derivative of ‘Elwood’. It means ‘from the old forest’.

73. Almada

Almada has Portuguese origins. It is a habitational name for people from the place Almada near Lisbon.

74. Almer

Almer has German and Swedish origins. It means ‘famous’ or ‘descendant of’.

75. Almy

Almy has no known origins except to William Almy from England in 1631. It means ‘legal’.

76. Alridge

Alridge is the English form of Aldridge which means ‘old king’.

77. Altepeter

Altepeter is a German word which means ‘peter the elder’.

78. Alterman

Alterman has Jewish and German origins. It denotes a higher status, as a ‘head’.

79. Ambrose

Ambrose has Greek origins and means ‘immortal’.

80. Amundson

Amundson is the American variant of the Swedish name Amundsen. It means son of Amund’.

These last names beginning with ‘A’, have profound meanings in old languages and cultures such as Greek, Latin, Gaelic, English and German. Many of them are modernized diminutives or derivatives of old names with a great sound to them.

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