Top Fifty 7-Letter Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top Fifty 7-Letter Names for Girls and Boys

7-letter baby names sound majestic and classical, which is why many parents nowadays prefer long names rather than short and cute ones. The following 7-letter names are among the top 1000 baby names in the US. They are sorted by popularity to make it convenient for you to pick one that resonates the most!

Popular 7-Letter Boy Names With Meaning

Below are the 25 unique and popular 7-letter names for boys along with their meanings:

1.  Antonio

Antonio means “the precious one” and this name is the Italian variation of Anthony.

2. Bennett

Bennet is an English name that means “blessed”.  It is sort of a cross between Benjamin and Beckett, with a bow tie.

3. Charles

Charles is one of the most used traditional names. It has German and French origins and means “free man”. It is a popular royal name in Europe and the UK.

4. Cameron

Cameron is one of the lovely and common names of a Scottish word that means “crooked nose”.

5. Dominic

Dominic is a Latin-origin name, and it means “belonging to the lord”. Dominic is a native of the Romano-Catholic culture and derives from the Latin name, Dominicus.

6. Ezekiel

The name Ezekiel is a Hebrew word, meaning “strength of God”.

7. Griffin

Griffin is one of the most attractive Celtic names. The classic Welsh name Griffith means “strong in faith”.

8. Ibrahim

Ibrahim is an Arabic word. It means “Father of Nations”.

9. Jameson

Jameson has an English origin; it means “son of James”.

10. Killian

Killian means “church”. A variant of Cillian, it is a spirited and resonant Gaelic name.

11. Lincoln

The name means “town by the pool”.

12. Matthew

The name means ‘gift of God’. It has a Hebrew descent. Matthew is the English descendant of Matthaios. In the Greek form, it is the Mattiyahu, the Matthan, which refers “to God”.

13. Maxwell

The name Maxwell means “great stream”.

14. Nikolai

The name means “people of victory”.

15. Patrick

It is an Irish name derived from word Padraig means “Kind”. This is also one of the top popular name used across the world.

16. Quentin

The name Quentin means “fifth”.

17. Richard

The name Richard is a German name which means “dominant ruler”.

18. Stephen

Stephen means “reward” or “honour”.

19. Spencer

The name Spencer means “steward” or “dispenser of provisions”.

20. Timothy

A unique Greek-origin name means “honouring God”.

21. Tristen

The word Tristan means “noise” or “sorrowful”.

22.  Vincent

Vincent means “to conquer”.

23. Westley

This name in Old English means “western meadow”.

24. Xzavier

The name means “new house”.

25. Yisroel

This Hebrew-origin name means “contender with God”.

Popular 7-Letter Girl Names With Meaning

Below are 25 unique and popular seven-letter names for girls with their meanings:

1. Antonia

Antonia is a Latin name; it means “priceless”. It represents the spirit of the classic novel “My Antonia” by Willa Cather.

2. Aurelia

The name is derived from the classic Latin name Aurelius. It means “golden”.

3. Annabel

Annabel is Annabelle’s alternative spelling. This spirited name means “loving”.

4. Blanche

Blanche means “white” in French. It started as a blonde nickname but later became related to the pure notion.

5. Bronwen

The name is derived from Bron, meaning “breast” and Gwen, meaning “fair”.

6. Cecilia

Cecilia is a feminine alternative of the name Cecil. It means “blind” or “sixth”.

7. Daniela

The name means “God is my judge”. It is the feminine version of Daniel.

8. Emersyn

It means “brave” or “powerful”.

9. Elspeth

Elspeth is an uncommon name that means “chosen by God”.

10. Eulalia

Eulalia means “sweet-talking” or “well-spoken”.

11. Georgia

Georgia has an English origin, and it means “farmer”.

12. Harriet

A top-most chic name, Harriet means “estate ruler” or “home ruler”.

13. Hillary

Hillary is a rhythmic name that means “happy” and “cheerful”.

14. Journey

The name Journey means “Voyage”. It is a name of English origin.

15. Kinsley

The girl’s name has an English origin. It means “king’s meadow”.

16. Lillian

The name is of Latin origin, and it means “lily”.

17. Melinda

This name means “sweet”.

18. Ryleigh

This name comes from an Old English name Ryle. It means “rye clearing”.

19. Rebecca

The name means “to bind”.

20. Sabrina

It is the name of a Celtic goddess.

21. Trinity

This name has a Latin origin. It means “triad”.

22. Valerie

The name means “brave”, or “fierce”.

23. Vanessa

The name Vanessa means “butterfly”.

24. Viviana

The name Viviana has Spanish, Italian, and Latin origins. It means “lively”.

25. Yaretzi

Yaretzi means “you will always be loved”. It has a Native American origin.

A name for a baby is one of the most important things both parents should discuss and decide. The list above will make your work easy and will help you finalise one name for your baby.

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