Top 100 Boy & Girl Names That Mean "New Beginning & Rebirth"

Top 100 Boy & Girl Names That Mean New Beginning & Rebirth

Naming your baby is such an important and exciting experience! And, when your baby’s name means ‘new beginning’, it also signifies a rebirth of happiness, hope, and joy. Names like Ace derived from the Latin lexicon, Aleph stemming from alpha which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and Antonella meaning the firstborn in Italian are interesting names that can be used as your baby’s first or middle name.

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Names That Mean New Beginning for Your Baby

Your little one is special, and choosing a unique and meaningful name for her can be hard. So, we have compiled a list of names that signify new beginnings just for your baby! One of the favourite themes appears to be the time of daybreak as it symbolises hope after a spell of darkness and connotes the birth of a fresh, new chapter in life. Here are some names from various cultures that you can help you name your precious baby.

Boy Names That Mean New Beginning

Names that mean rebirth, reincarnation, or fresh beginnings are some of the most meaningful names for your baby. Celebrate choosing your child’s name and tweak the name of your choice with a unique spelling or an innovative twist.

Name  Meaning
Arun/ Ahaan  These names are drawn from Sanskrit and mean “dawn”.
Neander A Greek name which means “new man”.
Aadi This name has a Sanskrit origin and it means “inception” or “beginning”.
Altan A popular Turkish name that means “dawn”.
Arman Meaning hope in Arabic, Ashur is another name that has the same meaning.
Abel A Hewbrew name which means “breath”.
Janus A name with Roman origins, Janus is the name of the Roman god of beginnings and gateways.
Urien A Welsh name which means “privileged birth”.
Neo This name has a Latin origin and it means “new”.
Ordell A name of English origin, this one means  “beginning”.
Anatole A french name meaning “sunrise”.
Rohit/ Prabhat The popular name in India, it means “the sun’s first rays”.
Dagian An English name which means “beautiful dawn”.
Shachar/ Sahar Both the names are of Hebrew origin and mean “dawn”. Also, Shahar is the god of dawn making this name suitable for a baby boy.
Fajr An Arabic name meaning “morning prayer” or “dawn”.
Tan In Vietnamese, the name Tan means “a new start”.
Fresco An Italian name meaning “fresh”.
Sabik A name of Arabic origin, Sabik means “the one who comes in first”.
Irvin A Gaelic name meaning “fresh water”.
Amil An Arabic name meaning “hope” and “new beginnings”.
Vihaan An Indian name meaning “sunrise or dawn”.
Von A popular German name of Old Norse origin, this name means “hope”.
Rene A name of a French origin, it means “reborn”.
Inizio An Italian name meaning “start” or “beginning”.
Zorro A common Slavic name meaning “dawn” or “daybreak”

These were the names for a baby boy. But, what if you have a baby girl? Continuing reading to find names for your baby girl.

Girl Names That Mean New Beginning

Dawn is the rebirth of day and a reincarnation of the sun ushering in a new beginning. Perfectly symbolic and a signifier of hope, you can choose from exotic to simple, contemporary to classical name or even use a trait you wish your baby emulates. Here are some female names that mean new beginnings.

Name  Meaning
Alula The Arabic term for “the first step” or “the firstborn”.
Amaryllis An ancient Greek name meaning “shine” or “sparkle”.
Renata Renata is derived from the Latin word Renatus which means ‘born again’.
Amal A name of Arabic origin, this name means “hope” or “aspiration”.
Asha A popular Indian name, it means “hope”.
Dagny This is a Scandinavian name meaning “daybreak”.
Aurora A name of Latin origin, Aurora means “dawn”. Aurora is also the Roman goddess of sunrise.
Senara A Cornish name meaning “light”.
Nadia A French variation of the Russian name Nadya, this name means “filled with hope”.
Wahuj An Urdu name that means “the first ray of light” or “dawn”.
Alba With its Latin origins, this name means “dawn” or “sunrise”.
Ausra A popular Lithuanian name, Ausra means “dawn”.
Chae-Won A unique name in Korean meaning “the origin or beginning”.
Eos The Greek goddess of dawn, Eos is a beautiful name for your baby.
Fatiha/Fathiya This name in Arabic signifies the “firstborn” or “first rays of the sun” and is quite popular in Islamic states, Africa, and the Middle East.
Dawn Dawn is an old English name meaning “daybreak” or “the first appearance of light”.
Kia/Kiah A name with an African origin, it means “a season’s beginning”.
Oriana An exotic name of Latin origin meaning “dawn”, it has been used by Tennyson in his ballad “The Ballad of Oriana”.
Iola A name of Greek origin, this name means “violet-coloured dawn”.
Nyssa A Greek name that is very popular in the West, this one means “beginning”.
Kady An Irish name that means “pure”.
Winona Winona is a Native American name which means “firstborn daughter”.
Nasima Nasima is an Arabic name meaning “gentle breeze” or “fresh air”.
Zera/ Zerah/ Zora/ Zorina/ Zerlinda These names are of Hebrew and Slavic origins and mean “dawn” or “beginnings”.
Zelenka A Czechoslovakia name meaning “first”, “new”, and “fresh”.

Baby Names That Mean Rebirth

It is a popular practice to name babies with names that signify reincarnation or rebirth. For instance,  Nouvel is a French name that means being reborn and is the middle name of one of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids! There is a wide range of names for boys and girls and you can tweak these names to suit your little one’s personality.

Boy Names That Mean Rebirth

Here are some male names meaning rebirth and a spin on new beginnings or birth of the day that will add a new dimension to your baby boy’s name.

Name  Meaning
Anastasius This name is derived from the Greek word “anastasis” and means “resurrection”.
Asier A Spanish name meaning “beginning” that originates in the Basque region.
Arata A Japanese name that means “fresh” or “new”.
Genesis The name of the first book in the Bible, Genesis means “origin”.
Fajr An Islamic name meaning “sunrise” or “dawn”.
Fresco This name has Italian and Spanish origins and it means “a fresh start”.
Ankur Ankur is an Indian name which means “new life”.
Issey A name of Japanese origin that means “firstborn”.
Inizio An Italian name signifying “new beginnings”.
Janmay An Indian name that means “newborn”.


A Native American name that means “new life”.


This is a German name which means “renewal”.


Gaelic Scottish name meaning “new’”.


A Hindu name which means “creator of the universe”.

Phoenix The mythical Greek bird that rises from the ashes and means “reincarnation”.
Dagian An English name meaning “dawn”.


An Indian name that means “new”.


A Slavic name which means “newcomer on a strange new land”.


A name of Greek origin that means “new man”.


A Japanese name meaning “new” or “fresh”.

Raanan A name that originates from Hebrew and means “fresh”.
Tadesse An Amharic name meaning “renewed”.
Vihaan Sanskrit term for dawn or beginning of an era.
Zoran The Slavic name meaning “dawn” or “the beginning of light”.
Nouvel A French name meaning “young” or “new”.

These were names for a handsome baby boy. Let us also take a look at names for baby girls meaning reborn, hope or rebirth and all that it signifies.

Girl Names That Mean Rebirth

Girl or boy, your baby is the beginning of a joyous chapter of parental life. So while looking for baby names that signify new life we can also include baby names that mean second chance or names that mean a fresh start. Evie means “the birth of life” in Hebrew, Nasima the Arabic term for “fresh surroundings or air”, Ayelet the Hebrew name for “dawn”, Renee, Renata, and Zorah all mean the same and make great names for a baby girl.

Name  Meaning  
Aadima An Indian name that means “roots” or “beginning”.
Aviva A modern Hebrew name meaning ‘fresh’.
Amaryllis In Greek, this name means “the first sparkle of light”.
Ashia An Arabic name meaning “hope” or “life”.
Akira A Japanese name meaning clear or ideal.
Anastasia A name of Greek origin, this name means “resurrection”.
Dagny This is a Scandinavian name meaning “daybreak”.
Aruna Aruna is a name in Sanskrit which means rising sun or dawn light.
Iola A name of Greek origin, this name means “violet-coloured dawn”.
Neoma A Greek name that means “new moon”.
Aurora Aurora is a romantic Latin name which has the essence of mystery. It means ‘dawn’.
Renee A name that has a French origin and means “to be reborn”.
Nova/ Nueva A Latin name that means “new”, it’s also an astrological term for a star that has a sudden burst of energy.
Ayelet A Hebrew name meaning baby deer or gazelle.
Roxanna An ancient name from the 1600s that means “dawn” and was also the name of the Great Alexander’s wife.
Renata Renata is derived from the Latin word Renatus which means ‘born again’.
Seher A Persian name that means “early morning” this name is widely used in Pakistan, Middle East, India and the United States of America.
Beant Beant is a name in Sikhism which means ‘limitless’.
Raanana A Hebrew name meaning “new” and “fresh”.
Zorina A Slavic name which means ‘golden dawn’.
Kiara A name of Korean origin that means “the first ray of sun”.
Nysaa A Hebrew or Greek name which means goal.
Zelenka/Zelenca A Czechoslovakia name meaning “first”, “new”, and “fresh”.
Wahuj An Urdu name that means “the first ray of light” or “dawn”.
Odoti Odoti is a beautiful name which means Mother or Earth.

Did that help? We have so many names that mean new beginning or rebirth. And the Bard said, “What is in a name?”

Whether you are looking for a name that describes the birth of a New Year baby or one born on Easter or even in December, your baby is definitely the dawn of your life. If you are expecting, and want to name your baby after the word dawn and its significance in your life these names from different languages will help you in finding a name for your little one. Let your baby’s name be the first gift you give him or her. Remember a name when heard often serves to subconsciously impart meaning to every aspect and circumstance your baby will come across. Enjoy the process of choosing your baby’s name and make it a lifetime gift to your precious bundle of joy. Happy name hunting!

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