Top 120 Elegant Girl Names With Meanings

120 Elegant Names for Girls & Their Meanings

Names are the most important thing for any individual. It is the first aspect of one’s personality. Name plays an important part in how people view anyone. So, it is essential to give considerable thought while naming our kids, especially our baby girls. In this article, we will cover some baby girl names that mean elegant and are the perfect fit for you and your baby girl. Names are the first thing we possess that differentiates us from others. Hence, it is important that the names we give our little ones are unique and have beautiful meanings. 

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As names are of utmost importance, we should not hurry and choose fancy names which don’t have a deeper meaning. The name for a baby girl should signify elegance and femininity. A good name always makes an immediate good impression, so to make sure your daughter leaves the best impression on anyone choose a name with class and grace.

A sophisticated name for a girl will be a blessing for the child which will impact her whole life. Her elegant name will be the best introduction as she grows up and makes an identity for self. People always pre-judge a person by their first name, so classy names or timeless names always imply a strong personality with an intelligent mind. In this article, we have long elegant girl names as well as short elegant girl names for you to choose from!

Elegant Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Elegant names always ensure class and beautiful personality. Choosing one of the classy names or timeless names for the baby girl will ensure respect and familiarity by her friends and society.

These sophisticated girl names, with some of the best classy names or timeless names will help you pick out the best name for your daughter.

1. Adele

This is one of the elegant names for a girl, meaning the “noble one” and is of German origin.

2. Adira

The simple yet one of the fancy names name Adira means “Strong, noble or powerful” in Hebrew.

3. Alexandra

Beautiful name with a Greek origin means “Defender of Man”. This name has variants like Alexandria, Alessandra, and Alejandra.

4. Amalia

This unique name and its variant Amelia are of German origin meaning “hard working”.

5. Anastasia

This is one of the classy names with Greek and Russian origins and it means “resurrection”. It has variations like Anastasha or Anastacia.

6. Angelina

The name is derived from Angela meaning “angel” or “messenger of God” and has origins in Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Dutch.

7. Arabella

This is a trendy yet elegant name with Latin origin, meaning “prayerful” or “yielding to prayer” or “answered prayers”. Anabella is a variation of Arabella.

8. Arianna

The beautiful name with both Italian and Greek origins means “very or most holy”. The name has a variation in Ariadne, Arianna, Ariana, Aryanna, and Aryana.

9. Audrey

This is a popular but less-used name in English that means “noble strength”.

10. Aurora

A romantic and elegant name with Latin origins is a referral for the Northern Lights. It is the name of the Roman Goddess of Sunrise or Dawn and literally means “dawn”.

11. Augusta

An elegant name with Roman origins. The name is a feminization of the Roman name Augustus which means “magnificent”.

12. Acantha 

The name comes from Greek mythology and means ‘thorn’.

13. Adara 

The name is of  Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic origins. It means ‘beauty’ and ‘noble’.

14. Adeline 

The name is of French origin and means ‘noble’.

15. Alice 

This is a classic popular German name. It means ‘noble’ and ‘exalted’.

16. Angela 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘messenger of God’.

17. Aubrey 

The name has multiple origins and represents a ruler of elves.

18. Aurelia 

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘the golden one’.

19. Beatrice

The Latin origin name meaning “blessed” has been associated with prim and proper English charm.

20. Blythe

This one is a rare name that means “spirited”. The uncommon yet stylish name is considered highly sophisticated.

21. Beatrix 

The name is of German and English origin. It means ‘blessed voyager’.

22. Bithiah 

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘daughter’ or ‘worshipper of god’.

23. Bronwyn 

The name is of Welsh origin and means ‘fair’.

24. Camilla

This is one of the popular names in English and is the feminine form of Camilius. In Latin it means “Servant of the temple” and denotes a free-born and noble person.

25. Caroline

The name Caroline is one of the fashionable names with understated elegance. The name with French origin means “free man”.

26. Catherine

This is one of the well-known names in English that has a Greek origin and means “pure” or “innocent”.

27. Chanel

This popular name was earlier a surname and meant “pipe” or “dwellers near the canal” in French.

28. Christabel

This beautiful name is the combination of Latin name Christine with French name Belle and means “beautiful follower of Christ”.

29. Charlotte

This one of the sophisticated girl names is the feminine derivative of French word Charles, meaning a “free man”.

30. Claire

The name has Latin/Viking via French origin and means “clear” or “famous”. The variations are Clare and Clarissa.

31. Constance

Another interesting girl name which means “steadfast”.

32. Cassandra 

The name comes from Greek mythology and means ‘the one who shines and excels over men’.

33. Chloe 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘blooming’ or ‘fertility’ in Greek.

34. Diana

This one of the timeless names is associated with the beautiful and brave Roman Goddess of the moon and hunt. The lovely name means “divine”.

35. Daphne 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘laurel’.

36. Dawn 

This name is quite self-explanatory. If you are a fan of dawns, it makes sense for you to name your little girl Dawn!

37. Eleanor

Eleanor is an elegant girl’s name with bold historical references and means bright and shining one.

38. Eliana

This stylish name means “God has answered me” in Hebrew and in Greek/ Latin means “Daughter of the Sun”. The names has varioations Eliane , Alianne, Eliann, Elyann, Elianna, Elyanna, Elyana , Eleana, or Elliana.

39. Elizabeth

This one of the timeless names is derived from Hebrew name of Elisheva and means “My God is abundance” or “My God is an oath”.

40. Elle

Simplicity meets elegance in this ultra-feminine name. The name is derived from French pronoun which means “she”.

41. Eloise

This one of the exotic French names meaning “healthy; wide”.

42. Eudora

This beautiful name has origins in Greek Mythology and means “generous gift”.

43. Evangeline

A stunning name with its roots in Greek and Christian origins means “bringer or bearer of good news”.

44. Edith 

The name is derived from Old English. It means ‘rich’ or ‘blessed’.

45. Eglantine 

The name is of French origin and represents a wild rose. 

46. Emma 

The name is of Germanic origin and means ‘universal’.

47. Esme 

The name is of Old French origin and means ‘esteemed’.

48. Estelle 

This beautiful name is of Occitan origin and represents a star.

49. Evelyn 

The name has mixed origins and means ‘desired’.

50. Felicity 

This given name is of English origin and means ‘happiness’.

51. Fleur 

The name is of French origin and represents a flower.

52. Francesca

Francesca is an elegant Italian name which is derived from Frances meaning “free man”.

53. Florence 

Francesca is an elegant Italian name which is derived from Frances meaning “free man”.

54. Genevieve

This stylish name is from German or Celtic origin and means “Woman of the race”.

55. Giselle

Elegance gets personified in this German name which means “pledge”. This name is associated with both beauty and luxury.

56. Grace

One of the most elegant girl’s names, Grace literally means elegance. The virtue name is subtle and classy.

57. Bijou

Classic and elegant name, Bijou is derived from the French word for jewel.

58. Guinevere

This elegant name with Welsh origins means “fair lady” or “white shadow, white wave”. The name with its royal and historical value is considered to be a name fit for a princess or queen.

59. Gabrielle 

The name is of French origin and means ‘God is my strength’.

60. Hecate 

The name comes from Greek mythology and means ‘willpower’.

61. Helene

The name is of Spanish and Italian origin. It means ‘torch’ or ‘light’.

62. Hermione 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘messenger’.

63. Helena

Helena is a refined feminine name meaning “bright, shining light”. The name with Greek origins is a stylish and refined variation of Helen.

64. Honora

Honora is a girl’s name with Latin origin meaning “woman of Honor”. This Italian name is considered very elegant and posh.

65. Isabella

Isabella is a modern and one of the timeless names which means “consecrated to God”.

66. Isadora

This melodious Greek origin name means “ gift of Isis”. The name has unique variations in Isodora and Iseadora.

67. Isla

This popular Spanish name has Scottish origins and it means “island”. The gorgeous name is considered very fashionable and feminine.

68. Ixchel 

The name is of Basque origin and means ‘shadow’.

69. Jacqueline

The name is immortalised by the famous first lady Jackie Kennedy. It is the feminine form of Jacque or James and means “Supplanter” and has French origins.

68. Josephine

This famous name has been name of Empresses and entertainers. The name is feminization of Joseph meaning “May Jehovah” or “Jehovah increases”.

70. Juliana

The Latin originated name means “youthful” and “soft-haired” and is the feminine version of Julian and Julius. Giuliana, Julianne or Julia is variations of the name.

71. Katherine 

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘pure’.

72. Larisa 

The name is of Latin and Greek origin. It represents a sea bird.

73. Lilavati 

The name is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘charming’ and ‘graceful’.

74. Laurel

The English name means “sweet bay tree” or a flowering tree. The name symbolises honour and victory.

75. Lorelei

An alluring name with German origins, this means an “alluring enchantress”. The name with romantic and graceful charm is considered very sophisticated.

76. Lucinda

Lucinda is the name of the mythological Roman goddess of Childbirth and also refers to the Mary or the Lady of Light. The elegant name means “light”.

77. Lydia

This beautiful name with Greek origins was earlier the name of now Turkey. Lydia means a “kindred spirit” or a “Kind spirit”.

78. Marguerite

This fancy and elegant name has a popular variant Margaret. The sophisticated French name means a “pearl”. The name has been made popular by many royalties, literary characters and saints.

79. Melisande

This graceful name origin in both French and German means “strength”. The name emanates romance with old-world charm and is a classy variant of the name Melissa.

80. Miranda

The elegant name was made famous by Shakespeare in The Tempest, as the name of the leading lady. The name means “marvellous”.

81. Monroe

The elegant name is the forerunner where a surname is used as the first name. The name meaning “mouth of River Roe” is immortalised by Marilyn Monroe.

82. Millicent 

The name is of Germanic origin and means ‘work’ or ‘strong’.

83. Melisande 

The name is of French origin and represents a honey bee.

84. Natalia

Natalia is Late Latin word meaning “Christmas Day”. The name has been made famous by Natalia Makarova, a Russian ballerina and Natalia Vodianov, a supermodel.

85. Naomi

This beautiful name means “pleasant” in Hebrew. The name with sophistication sound has been made famous by Noami Campbell and Noami Watts.

86. Nicolette

This French name means “victory” and is considered a very cool name.

87. Odessa

This name which originates from a Ukrainian port city is an elegant sounding girl’s name. The name is inspired from the famous work The Odyssey of Homer.

88. Olivia

This one of the old-fashioned names that means “Olive tree” in Latin. The name exists even in 13th century and was made popular by Shakespeare by his Twelfth Night.

89. Ophelia

Ophelia is a Greek origin name meaning “help”. The elegant name with its history in famous literature (Hamlet and Uncle Tom’s Cabin) is both beautiful and graceful.

90. Odette 

The name is of French and German origin and means ‘wealthy’.

91. Pandora 

This is a mythological name that means ‘all-giving’.

92. Patricia 

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘noble’.

93. Penelope

Penelope is a name from Greek mythology. The Greek origins name means “weaver”.

94. Portia

This pretty name means “gateway” in Latin. It has been a favourite for many famous writers in their works from Shakespeare to Hunger games.

95. Rosalind

The name which literally means a “beautiful rose” is sweet and pretty with a poetic vibe. Its common variation Rose, is a classic feminine name apt for females who are soft and elegant.

96. Sarah

This elegant name is highly popular and literally means “princess”. This Hebrew name was the name of the wife of Abraham in Bible.

97. Scarlett

The name which gained popularity due to Scarlett O’Hara is derived from an English surname. The name with occupational meaning of “a person who sold Cloth of Scarlet” also means or referred to “red” colour.

98. Sophia

This Greek name means “wisdom” and “skill”. The name is widely popular but still maintains a high class reputation.

99. Seraphina 

The name is of Hebrew origin and represents the burning ones.

100. Sibyl 

The name is of Greek origin and represents a prophetess.

101. Solange 

The name is of French origin and means ‘dignified’.

102. Viola 

The name is of Latin origin and represents the colour violet.

103. Valentina

This elegant girls name is the feminine form of Roman name Valentinus which was derived from Latin word Valens meaning “healthy, strong”.

104. Veronica

The classy name is a name from Bible and is the name of the patron saint of photography. The highly popular name is usually associated with rich class.

105. Victoria

This is one of the well-known names that has been associated with many popular people and brands such as Queen Victoria, Victoria Beckham and Victoria’s Secret. The name means victory.

106. Violetta

This Italian name means “purple” is an ultra-feminine name with a classy and refined touch. Its other variations are Viola and Violet.

107. Virginia

This elegant name in Latin means “virginal” or “pure”. This is a popular girls name which signifies classic femininity.

108. Viviana

Vivian with its origin in Latin means “life”. The elegant sounding name has popular variants of Vivian and Vivienne.

109. Willa

The short and sweet name feminized from William, means “protector”. Its other formal variation is Wilhelmina.

110. Zara

Zara has origins in many languages. In Hebrew it means “seed” whereas in Arabic it mean “star” or “flower” and in Russian in means “princess”.

Some Strong, Elegant Baby Girl Names With Meanings

In this list, we have some unique names. So, sit back and take your time choosing your little girl’s name!

1. Aditi 

The name is of Indian origin. It is a name given to an important Goddess in Vedic culture. The name means ‘boundless’.

2. Aoide 

The name is of Greek origin and in Greek mythology Aoide was one of the original three muses. The name means ‘song’.

3. Cassiopeia 

The name comes from the famous constellation in the Northern sky. It also represents the mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology. 

4. Ceres 

The name has multiple origins and means ‘to grow’.

5. Cressida

The name is of Greek origin and means ‘gold’.

6. Euanthe 

The name is too of Greek origin and means ‘blooming’.

7. Eydis

The name is of Scandinavian origin and represents the island goddess. 

8. Faustine 

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘fortunate’ or ‘enjoying goodluck’.

9. Hypatia  

The name means ‘highest’ or ‘supreme’.

10. Isha

The name is of Hindu and Indian origin. It represents one who protects. 

Every parent wants to give the best name to their kids, especially to their darling daughters. So picking a name which signifies elegance and femininity is the best way to name a daughter. An elegant name is timeless and will help her to identify and carry herself with class and sophistication throughout her life.

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