10 Things That You Should Know About an Aquarius Child

10 Things That You Should Know About an Aquarius Child

Some say, if babies could talk, an Aquarius baby would have deep conversations with you. This trait describes most of those born between Jan 21st to Feb 20th. Wondering why? Well, because they are thinkers too. They can spend hours thinking (at times, overthinking) about something, and that’s where all their content comes from. Their babbles are often responsive and when they learn their words, embrace yourself for some interesting banter! But, there’s more to an Aquarius baby’s personality than just this one trait. Let’s find out some interesting characteristics of Aquarius children.

10 Personality Traits of an Aquarius Child

Here are some personality traits of an Aquarius baby you should know if you have an Aquarius boy or an Aquarius girl.

1. They Are Quick Learners

kid fascinated by education and learning

An Aquarius baby’s personality is inquisitive. They have curious minds and are always ready to learn. They always inquire and want to get into the core of everything they come across to understand how things function. So, the next time you see your little one start breaking down his/her toy robot or treading the paths unknown to you, remember Galileo and Thomas Edison were Aquarians too.

2. They Are Empathetic

kid consoling his friend

Empathy comes naturally to Aquarius children. If you have an Aquarius baby, you’ll notice that you won’t spend hours explaining him/her how to behave in certain situations. They are born with good listening skills and tend to understand someone’s feelings more than others. Maya Angelou once said, “We all have empathy; we may not have enough courage to display it.” An Aquarius baby’s personality is such that they never fear from displaying empathy. If you are feeling low, your Aquarius boy/ girl will be the first one to give you a warm hug because he/she somehow understands what it feels like.

3. They Are Fearless

fearless toddler

Aquarius babies are known to have a fearless personality. Kids born under this zodiac sign are learners, but they also get bored quickly. So, they are constantly looking for new and exciting things to do. Aquarius babies are seldom afraid when it comes to trying their hand at new things and therefore, are open to exploring the unknown. That’s how they make their life interesting.

4. They Have Short-Lived Emotional Outbursts

angry/ frustrated kid

An Aquarius baby’s personality is empathetic, and the reason why they are so is that they are emotional themselves. When life throws challenges at them, they might lose their balance and have an extreme emotional outburst. But fret not, your Aquarius boy or girl turns into the hulk only for a short while. It doesn’t take them long to come back to their normal behaviour. This shift in the mood might surprise you as you wouldn’t immediately know the reason, but eventually, you will, because they are good at communicating too.

5. People’s Person

kid spending time together

An Aquarius baby is termed as a people’s person because socialising and communicating comes naturally to them. Their ability to connect with people often makes them a favourite friend or a helpful classmate. They don’t hesitate from talking to strangers and can easily make friends. If your baby is an Aquarius baby, he/she will be quite outgoing right from the start. Don’t be surprised if he/she starts responding to friendly smiles or even initiating them. Speaking of surprises, an Aquarius baby will be full of them! Let’s see how.

6. Aquarius Babies Are Full of Surprises

mischievous kid

You may find yourself awestruck seeing the traits of an Aquarius baby. They are social, empathetic and fearless, in short, full of surprises! They will react in unexpected ways and have the wackiest of answers for their actions. Some may call them dynamic, while some absent-minded, but their brain functions in ways most cannot understand.

7. They Are Highly Energetic

energetic kid

Aquarius babies are energetic to an unimaginable level. That’s why they are never tired of contemplating over a problem they face at school or listening to a friend blabber for hours about his/her crush. They will still have some energy left after all of this to play football and then even complete the homework. The minds of these thinkers work so fast that most find themselves lagging behind.

8. They Are Stubborn

stubborn kid

Another personality trait that defines an Aquarius baby is that they are quite stubborn. They don’t let anyone affect them and take things in the most positive way possible. They are free-spirited, like to do things their way, enjoy their freedom and hate to be controlled. So, the next time you want your Aquarius baby to do his/her homework, build a sense of responsibility instead of making him/her do it forcefully.

9. They Are Strong-Willed Too

strong-willed kid

Their stubbornness makes Aquarius babies extremely strong-willed, and they can go to any extent to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. This personality trait, by far, is the only personality trait that drives an Aquarius baby. They have the ability to give all that they have to anything they want to achieve.

10. They Know Their Likes and Dislikes

baby showing like/dislike sign

It is not often that a personality trait like this is seen in children, but when it comes to an Aquarius child, behold! They know what they like and dislike, and they are serious about it! They are quite individualistic that way, and it is very difficult for others to persuade them.

Now that you know some important personality traits of an Aquarius baby let’s also take a look at some tips that can help you raise one.

Tips for Raising Aquarius Kids

If you are wondering how to raise an Aquarius child, here are some useful tips. They will not only help you deal with your Aquarius boy or Aquarius girl but will also strengthen the parent-child bond.

  • Encourage learning and experimenting by giving them books and toys that feed their curiosity. They are good at it anyway, but your support will give them wings to fly.
  • Do not force them into things they do not like. Allow your Aquarius boy/girl enough freedom to take certain decisions. Let them decide what colours to choose, which patterns to use, or which subject to start with while doing their homework.
  • Persuading them can be a difficult task, but your Aquarius baby is intelligent and understanding too. Make the most of these traits by explaining your child the benefits of changing his/her decision. But, do so without ridiculing them or their goals.
  • Be patient through their emotional outbursts. The best thing is that their mood swings are short-lived and your little Aquarius girl/ boy won’t really test your patience that much.
  • Give them toys, games and activities that can help them use their energies positively. Your Aquarius boy or Aquarius girl should have a productive day to sleep tight each night.
  • Accept that your Aquarius child is full of surprises. You’ll automatically become ready to deal with them.

All these personality traits make an Aquarius baby a bundle of energy and a bundle of surprises too. Some of the tips given in the article above should help you deal with your Aquarius boy or Aquarius girl and stay at par with their energies. Then, raising your heartwarming, emotional and empathetic baby is sure to be a delight!

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