Things to Keep in Mind When Introducing Baby to Solid Food

Things to Keep in Mind When Introducing Baby to Solid Food
  • Start the day with something healthy like porridge with all veggies. Grind it and give your toddler a yummy and healthy start.
  • Include atleast one fruit every day in any form. You can try purees as they are easy to eat.
  • Introduce new flavours in the menu when required.
  • Nuts are good for kids too. But make sure you break them into smaller sizes or crush them to avoid choking.
  • Don’t be very specific about healthy food always but avoid outside food. Homemade food is best for babies.
  • Keep salt and sugar level as low as possible. Sugar and salt should be avoided before the baby turns one.
  • Make your baby drink water as and when possible.
  • Raagi is also good for babies. Once the baby is one, introduce them to normal food that you eat but keep the salt less.
  • Avoid any videos or TV during meals. It’s not good for babies.
  • Let the baby decide how much he/she wants to eat. Reduce milk intake and focus more on solid food. Reducing milk intake means do not replace milk with any meal. Milk should be used as filler.
  • Potato is good for babies so don’t avoid potato. Make sure you do the three day test when introducing baby to something new to eat. This means repeat one type of food for three days in a row and see if the baby is allergic to something. If you find any allergies, avoid that food. See a doctor if required.
  • Oats, khichdee, daal-rice, poori, Parantha, curd, fruits in any form(avoid juices) are good for babies.
  • Apple puree is very easy to make and is tasty, healthy snack you can introduce to your babies food.Peal and chop apple in small pieces. Add little water so that you don’t have to throw the left over water. Boil at simmer until the apples is soft. Grind and let the baby enjoy a healthy diet.

Good to know – Groundnuts increases appetite!

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