Child Rights- Everything Parents Should Know About Them!

Child Rights – Everything Parents Should Know About Them!

While we may live in a country where human rights is always a sensitive debate, it helps to know that there are laws set in stone to protect the future of the country- our kids!
Where there is a glimmer of hope, we’ll take it for the sake of our children, right?
So what are these Child Rights that the country is celebrating today? How do they protect our children? And why are they important to us as parents? Let’s find out.
According to the United Nations Convention that was on the Rights of Children, the following rights were touched upon and put in place-

  1. Right to Protection – from abuse, exploitation and neglect.
  2. Right to Development- to care, leisure, recreation, education and cultural activities.
  3. Right to Survival- to life, nutrition, name and nationality.
  4. Right to Participation- to information, thought, expression and religion.

And most importantly, the right to achieve their dreams.

In a society where these basic rights of our children are neglected and violated in new ways every day, it is essential to know and make attempts to exercise these rights for a generation that is aching to thrive on them.

Things Every Parent Must Know About Child Rights

Parenting choices are not easy and while some may come naturally, some choices are reinforced with some guidance. The knowledge of Child Rights can help you understand how you can ensure that your child gets access to these.

  1. Child Rights help ensure that your child is getting the respect and the rights he/she deserves.
  2. They offer your children the opportunity to enjoy the security of being a child and the freedom to develop in every aspect wholly
  3. They exist so that all children, privileged or not, have access to the same basic rights and in no circumstance is any child deprived of them.
  4. Child rights also exist to monitor the living conditions of children across our country.
  5. They offer all parents support in understanding the responsibility of parents towards their children till they turn 18.
  6. One of the most important things to know about the Child Rights in our country is that that they promote the legal and social rights of children and also ensure the prevention of any violence or abuse.

Lastly but most importantly, they help against sexual exploitation as well as trafficking of children, something our country is currently battling every single day!

Here’s What We Love About Child Rights:

When you become a parent, you begin to look at life from a new perspective. One that revolves around how to make this environment safe and healthy for your child to thrive and turn into the best version of himself.

Now think of this; Child Rights are set in place to that every single child, just like yours, has that chance to develop, grow and have the freedom to dream and achieve with no bias, no threat and ample security. It is essentially what we want for our own children but for the children of the entire country!
While the grim reality is that these rights are abused, knowing that these laws and rights exist and being well-versed with them can really take us a long way as parents, caregivers and facilitators of the dreams and lives of the children we bring into this world and that is to us, a big step in the right direction.
With collective knowledge of these Child Rights, more and more people will stand up against the violation of them so that every child has a right to childhood, one full of freedom and wonder, just like it should be! Here’s to a future every child deserves and the celebration of that vision!

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