My Journey From Ectopic Pregnancy to Normal Delivery

As I entered the clinic and informed the doctor that my home pregnancy test turned out to be positive, she hurriedly said, “Dear, go for an ultrasound.” I immediately went without wasting time, and the doctor confirmed the pregnancy. After a few tests, I was told that the baby couldn’t move to the uterus, and I had a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. Thus, it was very important to know the position of the baby. Further tests confirmed that it was a healthy pregnancy. My husband and I were relieved to hear that, and later that day, we informed everyone about our pregnancy.

I was so happy and wanted to announce the baby’s arrival uniquely to my daughter. However, one day as I was resting, she noticed my belly and questioned, “Momma, is there a baby inside? “I didn’t say a word and just smiled at her. A few days later, I broke the news to her as a special surprise. She was thrilled and promised to help me every time I needed her.

I regularly visited the doctor for tests and checkups; I was so excited that nothing could bother me – be it frequent injections or medicines. I was happy that my journey toward motherhood was going well and safe. But as corona hit India, it changed everything. No outside food, no maid, and bathing after every doctor visit became part of life. My daughter stopped me from watching the news as she worried that all the negativity would affect the baby’s growth. She would say, “Baby darr jayegi corona news sunn kar.”

Finally, the day arrived, and it all started so well I couldn’t believe it. I went to the doctor early morning and gave a sample for the COVID test. I was in severe pain throughout the day. Seeing me suffer, my husband was right next to me. At last, I delivered a beautiful baby girl through normal delivery. That moment made my day and vanished all the fear I had after ectopic pregnancy. I thanked my doctor for being with me and treating me so well from the pregnancy to the delivery.

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