Dealing Reflux Problem in Babies - Please Do Not Panic Rather Be Alert

Dealing Reflux Problem in Babies – Please Do Not Panic Rather Be Alert

My daughter was just 16 days old, when one evening she started to cry and that was non stop. Like every new mother I thought she was hungry and started feeding her. But she was refusing to feed. I could not understand what was wrong. It was evening 8 pm. I called up my husband and asked him to rush home. Meanwhile my daughter was crying without stopping and my heart started to beat faster. it was almost 3 hrs that she was continuously crying. I kept on trying to feed her thinking that may be her stomach was not full. And then all of a sudden she vomited all the milk and also milk started to come out of her nose. We got horrified and rushed to the hospital. The emergency immediately got her admitted. The Paediatrician called us inside the cabin and said ” Please do not worry. We have kept her under observation. We shall have her chest X-Ray done and let you know”.

I stayed at the hospital entire night with my husband. I was just not ready to leave my princess alone. Morning her X Ray was done and the doctor called us once she had the report. She said ” Please be seated and be calm. Your daughter is facing Re flux problem. Re flux is a syndrome where babies tend to vomit whenever they are fed. So, you need to take some precautions for her. Since the milk has spread in the lungs, so there is a minor infection. That shall go in 2-3 days.

a. Give her burp whenever she takes her feed.

b. Never lie her straight on the bed.

c. You should always keep her at a height of 45 degrees, whether sleeping or feeding. You can buy her a car cot and she can sleep very well on that.

I asked her ” But till when shall it continue??”

“With passing age this shall disappear” replied the doctor.

We brought her back home after two days and planned to go to my native for my maternity leave. Since I was very scared and was in panic, my husband decided to take me and our daughter to my native town.

At my native we consulted another doctor. He said ” You need to monitor your child. If she keeps losing weight then she is definitely suffering from Reflux problem, and if she is not then it is not reflux.”

And started the journey of 45 degrees..whether it was me or any one from my family..we ensured that my daughter was at 45 degrees only..not even 45.5 degrees. Giving her burp was extremely important. Even carrying her in my arms, I used to keep her at 45 degrees. This continued for 6 months and we visited the doctor. She had gained weight..though not much but yes there was again. I felt relaxed and on the advice of the doctor started to lie her on the bed with the help of a pillow.

I still cannot forget those two days of my daughter’s stay at hospital. But sooner the ailment is diagnosed, precautions can be taken.

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